Microsoft Debuts The Latest Windows 10S To Take On Google Chrome OS

4 May 2017, 12:38 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Microsoft has launched its direct counter attack for Chrome OS, the Microsoft Windows 10 S. This is the company’s answer for a simple, low-end OS which will cater the education market as well.

Previously rumored as Windows 10 Cloud, the Microsoft Windows 10 S was officially rolled out in the event in New York City yesterday. The basic difference of this latest OS from Windows 10 is that it will just run applications downloaded from the Windows Store. This was stated by Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Window chief. Myerson cleared out that desktop apps will still run on this version, given then they will be specially packaged and listed in the Windows Store, The Verge reported.

Myerson even declared that Windows 10 S is the soul of today’s Windows. The reason for the exclusivity is to provide the device with more consistent performance, security and battery life, ARSTechnica stated. Since the situation of the multi-user is what really happening in school, as class after class uses the laptops, it makes security vulnerable. Fast log in time is also one feature that Microsoft Windows 10 S is promising to its users.

The new OS will just take 15 seconds to log in, which is half faster than Windows 10 Pro that takes 30 seconds and only 5 seconds will be consumed for reclogging. This would be ideal for students and teachers to lessen their cramming during lessons, class reporting, and presentations. It will also allow setting up machines through USB drive with preconfigured options, says Independent.

As Microsoft aims to compete with Chrome OS, it also made the Microsoft Windows 10 S lightweight and streamlined. Ideally, it is suitable for students, teachers and the rest who only needs to access core programs like applications intended for learning or education. Microsoft Windows 10 S will be also available for third party computer manufacturers such as the Acer, Asus, Dell, Toshiba, and Samsung.

Laptops, which will be made by these companies running the Windows 10 S will have a starting cost of $189. It is expected to be shipped this summer just before the new school year starts and it will also come with a free subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition. Those schools that are presently using the Windows 10 Pro on their PCs will be updated to Windows 10 S for free.

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