Microsoft Latest News: Windows 10S Education PCs Starts At $189

3 May 2017, 4:08 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Microsoft ignited the competition with Chromebook by launching its Windows 10S Education PC during an event in New York City. The company aims to be a part of the process in educating every school children through their essential Office apps.

Microsoft is aware that when it comes to the educational aspect, Google is reigning, as what was reported by The Register, more than 50 percent of American children in school is using a Chromebook as an aid to their studies. It is quite a big number and Microsoft wanted to have a better place in the world of students’ life. The Education market is known to be ruled by Chromebook for quite some time now and in order for Microsoft to penetrate this market, it needs to simplify its system.

In addition, it must provide easy functionality and offer users with an affordable price, The Verge remarked. After all Windows 10S Education PC is purposely for students and even teachers that undeniably doesn’t get much for a salary. The Windows 10S Education PC is said to have the latest Windows 10 S as its operating system, which will exclusively run applications from Windows Store only and this is reportedly expected to overpower the Chrome OS. This might sound unconventional but Microsoft asserted that soon the Office apps will be available at Windows Store and Office 365 is free for students as well as for teachers, Tech Crunch reported.

According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, technology is just a tool and not the mere answer for education and teachers are the bullets while Microsoft is their tool in educating their students. In line with this, the company he is leading is offering a streamlined operating system just what Windows 10S Education PC is intended for. Nadella also emphasized about teams inside the classroom during his speech at the NYC event and it is like shedding some light for the collaboration software from Microsoft, Tech Crunch reported.

During the Microsoft’s press event, a teacher presented regarding Microsoft Teams that will be featured on Windows 10S Education PC’s Office 365 for Education. The teacher explained that every class can have their own Team, students can chat with each other but the teacher has the control in the whole conversation. There are also areas that can be specified for lesson plans and home works and absentees can catch up their lessons through Teams

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