Facebook Latest News & Update: Zuckerberg To Employ 3,000 Moerators To Regulate Death & Crimes Streamed

4 May 2017, 1:56 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Three thousand more workers are up for hiring as Facebook's content moderators. The company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced that they need people who will specifically prevent videos to be posted on the social network which has crime, suicide, and any violent act contents.

Social networks have been an outlet of most of the users to express their emotions, grievances and worst of all, several videos containing suicides and murders have been posted, either it is live streamed or shared later. Zuckerberg expressed on his Facebook post that is heartbreaking and he is thinking about what better way to do in order to help the community, Business Insider reported. In line with this, the social network will hire additional 3,000 employees to help the current 4,500 workers around the globe as content reviewers. Millions of reports are received by Facebook every week and more people are needed to review it and with additional workers, it is expected that the process will also be improved.

Suicide prevention tools were recently added to Facebook's live video feature that would give anyone the ability to report someone whose broadcast seems to be suicidal. Zuckerberg further discussed that the additional reviewers that will be hired will be focusing on inappropriate acts posted on Facebook like hate speech and child exploitation. In this way, untoward incidents will be easily reported to the authorities that will give needed help for those that are in danger. What is lacking on the post of Zuckerberg are details of employment status, training or what support will be received by the newly hired reviewers, says The Verge.

Gizmondo reported that several of the largest companies are employing low paid international workers to be their moderation team and many of them suffer from PTSD because of daily engagements on videos with crimes and violence. Sometimes these moderators have become the subject of harassment by irresponsible social network users. Social networks have been an open avenue to post or broadcast almost everything the users' want and Zuckerberg even said that if people are aiming for a safer community, the respond must be quick. This is as simple as saying that everyone has the responsibility to act to reach this goal.

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