Nissan Will Put Signal Blocker To Solve Texting While Driving Problems

4 May 2017, 2:17 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Nissan has invented a unique device that will block phone signals and prevent distraction on drivers. The car manufacturer introduced the Signal Shield which is a compartment placed within the armrest of Nissan Juke.

One out of five traffic violators caught by police admitted that it is due to texting while driving, Mirror reported. Mishaps on streets continue to increase even the penalties and fines for drivers using their phones illegally were doubled. A survey of RAC to more than 17,000 motorists in the UK stated that the 8 percent increase of those who are using the phone while driving in 2014 has reached up to 31 percent last year.

Since 2003, using the phone while driving has been illegal due to the reason that it both caused physical and mental distraction to drivers. According to the managing director of Nissan Motor GB, Alex Smith, the automotive industry, and even the society are concerned about the issue of mobile phone use while driving specifically the one dealing with various notifications from text and social media and app alerts, reported by Telegraph.

The concept of Signal Shield is for drivers to have a chance to eradicate the possible distraction they may get from text messages, applications alerts, and notifications from various social media. Signal Shield is sort of a silent zone that will be able to block incoming and outgoing cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. This concept was based on the invention of Michael Faraday in the 1830s. He made a cage out of wire mesh which was able to block electromagnetic fields. The Same principle was integrated to the Nissan Signal Shield, says Mirror.

Smith also said that their company, through the Signal Shield, are giving drivers one possible answer to the illegal phone use, so that distraction can be eliminated and more attention on the wheel will be given and not on the phone. Though there are drivers who are used to ignore their phone notifications and alerts but to those who really can't do it the concept of Signal Shield might be their solution. The Nissan Signal Shield is just a prototype which the company integrated to its Juke model and it is not still clear if this will be available for other car models, reported The Next Web.

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