Google Celebrates 'Star Wars' Day & Fans Can Expect Easter Eggs On Android Play

5 May 2017, 11:30 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

For the Star Wars fanatics and avid followers, the 4th of May might be a day that calls for a celebration. Even Google has joined the party with an Android mascot dressed like R2-D2, which appears and dance when paying something through the Android Play.

May 4 has become a "Star Wars" Day on the internet, being popular with its tagline “May the force be with you” or rather “May the Fourth be with you”. Google made some special promotions on Google Play too. The most downloaded movie on its menu is The Force Awakens, which is considered the core of Skywalker Saga films. Meanwhile, the most downloaded book is the "Aftermath: Star Wars," "Journey to Star Wars," "The Force Awakens" and "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" is the most downloaded game, says The Verge.

This would only mean that the new owners of Lucasfilm are assuring the Star Wars fandom that it is on the right track, Fortune reported. 40 years ago, Star Wars was first seen on the silver screen. Since the first release of the 1977 George Lucas’ film, there were a lot of ways done to reach out to its fans, reported on USA Today. The movie is now available on digital platforms also on Blu-ray and DVD. According to USA Today, even the world of animation was already invaded by the force. "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" is on its sixth season on Netflix.

The official website of "Star Wars" has a wide selection of food recipes, from the blue milk to root leaf stew to Kanjiklub sandwiches. Those who really are fanatics can have the Star Wars collectibles also available on Tired of watching them? Fortune reported that Star Wars is also available in comic books. September 1 is set to launch the "Star Wars" new action figures. Disney has been engaging in various promotional activities for Star Wars such as this upcoming major event. This is in preparation of "The Last Jedi," which is expected to come to theaters this holiday season and according to many fans, most of the time, the action figures give hints on what could be possibly expected in the movie

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