iPad Latest News: Apple iPads Reigns King In The Recoiling Tablet Market

7 May 2017, 6:22 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Apple still owns the crown as the company with the best-selling tablet. iPad once again reigns higher than its competitors in the tablet market. However, Apple can’t just ignore the decline in its sales.

Within the first quarter of this year, Apple has shipped more iPad units, specifically 8.9 million, than the other tech giants did, says CNET. It gave the Cupertino-based company a 24.6 market share, IDC reported. This stat may sound remarkable but on the contrary, the company is 13 percent down on its tablet shipment taking the comparison to what it had in 2016 in the same period.

This obviously means 13 consecutive quarters of shipment decline year over year. Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung, felt a little win over in the tablet market after the first quarter of 2017 with just negative 1.1 percent growth rate. It was able to ship 6 million units of the tablet, which took the 16.5 percent market share. This is a slight increase from the company’s market share last year with 15.2 percent, Apple Insider reported. The Chinese company, Huawei, which belongs in the list of the top five manufacturers of the tablet, is the only one that showed growth on its sales.

After the first three months of 2017, it has shipped 2.7 million tablet units, which is a very considerable number, provided that it only occupies 7.4 percent market share. To round out the list, the third and fourth spot are for Amazon and Lenovo, respectively, says The former has managed to ship 2.2 million Fire tablets and took the 6 percent market share, while the latter shipped 2.1 million tablet units and earned the 5.7 percent spot. Ryan Reith, the program vice president of IDC with its Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Device Trackers said that from 2010 to 2013, the growth rate of tablet market was dissimilar from many other consumer-oriented device markets that they have encountered, reported Phone Arena.

It seems that consumers of this device are maybe is not that enthusiastic to refresh or upgrade these devices and some might not even be purchasing one, CNet reported. With this decline in iPad sales, Apple is innovating some ways to upgrade the tablet line of the company, which in their experience is not an easy proposition, and at the same time attracting possible new consumers.

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