Xiaomi Foldable Phone May Arrive In 2019

31 July 2018, 4:25 pm EDT By Staff Reporter Mobile & Apps

Xiaomi and Oppo are reportedly busy working on getting hold of the right components to, finally, unleash their first foldable phones. Both companies are in a mad chase to pull abreast with Samsung together with Huawei and to offer foldable smartphones might do the trick.

Reports of Xiaomi and Oppo busy procuring the necessary components come from a South Korean publication as they target releasing these foldable devices by 2019. Crowding them is Huawei who has reportedly partnered with the BOE Technology Group from China to acquire flexible OLED panels.

Oppo and Xiaomi are believed to be doing the same and currently negotiating with Chinese companies. To broaden their options, speculations are growing that both companies may be talking to other foreign companies such as LG Display and Japan Display, according to ET News.

Assuming that this crucial component is covered, there is also the matter of how these foldable phones will work. For Samsung and Huawei, the word out is that they will sport a fold-in design. Conversely, Xiaomi is believed to be doing the opposite, featuring a fold-out design. There is no word yet on what option Oppo would adopt.

One thing that could make Xiaomi standout is their practice of offering quality handsets at a reasonable price. Cheaper pricing has become the Chinese brand’s trademark although its availability has been limited mostly in China or select regions. Regardless, folks have found ways to get their hands on one, particularly through online sites.

One key feature tied up to the displays is the rise of integrating in-display fingerprint scanning. The new mode of biometric security has made its way through several smartphone companies like Vivo, Huawei, and Xiaomi. Samsung, for its part, has yet to launch a device with the feature.

This key feature could be another point of discussion for Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei. Though the foldable displays are relatively new, syncing in that key feature is something to watch out for. Also, it addresses concerns about possibly seeing a fingerprint sensor at the traditional rear portion of a device.

Thus far, only the ZTE Axon M has come close to offering the market a foldable phone, Android Authority said. For those who are not familiar with it, the foldable device consists of two separate screens that eventually transforms into a tablet-sized viewing area when folded out. A downside was that the display was vulnerable to bumps and smudges and the display performance was not up to par.

Ambitious and intriguing, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei seem to have their work cut out for them to come up with the ideal (and first) foldable phone under their wing. It now becomes a mad race on whether the three companies can beat Samsung in releasing the ideal foldable smartphone to the market.

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