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7 August 2018, 3:56 pm EDT By Staff Reporter Mobile & Apps

Look around you anywhere you happen to be at any moment and you will see something that simply did not exist a couple of decades ago. The way we communicate, the way we access entertainment and information, the way in which will our lives altogether, has fundamentally changed. For kids growing up in the sixties, seventies, and even the eighties, we are living the future right now with mobile technology.

The first mobile phones began to appear in the early nineties although the technology had existed for some time before. The first phones were rather bulky and heavy affairs with limited features and capabilities. However, within an incredibly short space of time, we've gone from virtual mobile bricks to the sleekest pocket-sized computers equipped with lightning-fast processors, huge amounts of built-in memory, high definition digital graphics, that can rival your current desktop or laptop computer.

How Online Casinos Spotted the Trend

Online casinos first began to appear in the mid-nineties and, just like the mobile phone technology arc, started out a simple and basic. However, within two decades we now have online casinos that are so sophisticated, they can offer users everything from incredible 3D table games and thousands of cutting edge slots, to actual live casino games that you can play right on your computer and never have to actually go to a real casino to enjoy the same experience.

Top online casino operators have been keeping a keen eye on the development of smart mobile technology and quickly spotted the trend of how integral they would become in our daily lives. Online software providers began to develop a competitive range of games to suit the most popular mobile devices and operating systems including iPhone's iOS platform and Android platform running Samsung, Sony, Nokia, and a slew of other popular brands.

In 2018, mobile technology has advanced to the point where users no longer need to download a casinos app to their device, they can merely engage via their mobile browsers thanks mainly to HTML5 technology. Of course this doesn't mean to say that there aren't tons of great apps available on various app stores, bit if you enjoy the full casino experience it is often better to simply sign up via your browser.

The mobile casino is quickly overtaking the conventional online casino industry in terms of available options, with a future that is still very exciting. There are now just as many games to choose from on your preferred mobile device and you can now even access a live dealer platform on the go. The question is, which mobile casino should you be playing at and, if you prefer, which mobile app rates the best in 2018? Let's take a quick look.

Top Mobile Casinos and Apps for 2018

Of course, most of us prefer to get the whole ball of wax in one go, that way we can access whatever content we prefer, whenever we want to. This option is even more important when one considers the fact that online slots and casino games are now legal in New Jersey and will also soon be easily available in Pennsylvania.The best way to get this sort of all-encompassing platform is to simply choose an existing online casino that offers a mobile-friendly, HTML5-based version of itself. This then allows you to simply sign up or sign in from your mobile device and enjoy the full experience that you would normally only get from a larger desktop device. A perfect example of a mobile branded app that delivers excellence is 888 Casino. The brand is an excellent all-rounder with a huge amount of experience in the industry. The 888 empire is vast, giving you the most choices possible for mobile gaming from casino, poker, bingo and live gaming compatible with virtually all devices and operating systems.

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