The Popularity of the Wellness App

26 January 2019, 3:17 pm EST By Staff Reporter Mobile & Apps

Ever since smartphones flooded the market, apps have followed right behind them. There's an app for everything, from transportation needs to handiwork around the house. Modern life has some wonderfully sophisticated technology, but it can also be busy, expensive and stressful. This probably explains the rising trend of the wellness app-a modern solution for contemporary problems.

For starters, like the name suggests, wellness apps help improve a person's overall wellness. This isn't necessarily the same thing as raw fitness. There are wellness apps that measure a range of advanced metrics at the gym, and everyday things like steps taken and heart rate. But wellness apps have a very holistic view of health-they can measure a person's sleep patterns, ensure they're not on their screens for too long, and even offer games designed to keep a person mentally sharp.

There are currently well over 100,000 wellness apps available. To call the popularity of wellness apps a "trend" is an understatement - they've been around for years now and show no signs of slowing down. Do you have an idea for a new wellness app? Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for the right app developer.

Whether you're looking for an agile mobile app development team to corner the Android market, or you're on the prowl for professional iOS app development services - it's recommended that you look at the big picture, not just cost or even coding.

One of the most important aspects for an app to succeed is user experience, known colloquially as "UX." An app should be intuitive and easy for anybody to use, especially non-technical users. The app's design is crucial-it doesn't matter what the full capability of an app is, if nobody using the app knows how to do it. It must be designed to be simple and immediately intuitive.

Budget can't be ignored, and it's tempting to use the cheapest option. But in the long term, the best and also the least expensive mobile app developer is one that produces the best user experience to ensure you maximize your daily active user count.

Look for a mobile app team that understands the importance of each stage of the development process, and believes in the democratization of that process. Look for a partner in design that will involve you, the client, at every step. Look for companies that boats low-iteration wireframing and heavy client involvement, an you'll be well on your way.

Along these same lines, choose a developer who is genuinely interested in your goal, and who has had success developing a similar kind of app as the one you envision. An app developer's success in one realm may not translate neatly to wellness, and finding an app developer as genuinely hungry to achieve your goals as you are means you won't need to waste time explaining the ins and outs of your basic concept. It's very difficult or impossible for a person unfamiliar with wellness to create a useful wellness app - so make sure the developer you hire has an impressive portfolio.

Launching the perfect wellness app requires finding someone who is not only an excellent app developer - but also one that is genuinely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about wellness.

The soaring popularity of wellness apps is a testament to the importance of holistic health. It's perhaps a nice irony that phones themselves, sometimes the culprit, can also be a powerful tool to improve wellness - if you partner with the right developer.

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