Let Battle Commence in Throne: Kingdom of War

27 February 2019, 1:30 pm EST By Staff Reporter Mobile & Apps

Plarium Games, the firm behind mobile titles such as Terminator Genisys: Future War and Viking: War of Clans, returned in 2016 with their latest outing Throne: Kingdom at War.

If you didn't get the hint, given that all three of the games mentioned have 'War' in their name, this software firm specializes in free to play, battle-based titles for iOS and Android devices.

In both design and execution, Throne: Kingdom at War is a multiplayer online strategy game but, whether you are a complete beginner to MMO gaming or a more seasoned player, there are plenty of surprises in store.

Set in the fictional Kingdom of Amaria, you must fight for the throne vacated by the dead king by building towns and castles, creating an army worthy of a king and basically powering up your clan until you are an unstoppable force.

Source: Plarium.

Of course, there will be obstacles along the way, with other players also setting their sights on the throne. But, in a unique twist, you can also team up with your fellow players to create an all-conquering clan, should you wish.

The Graphics

The game utilizes both 2D and 3D graphics in its gameplay and, despite a 2016 release date, these still stand the test of time to this day.

All of the characters feel 'real' and well developed, while the medieval gameworld has been beautifully drawn to take players back to something akin to the Middle Ages. Taking inspiration from console gaming, rather than the occasionally 'cartoonish' visuals adopted by many mobile-first software developers, Throne: Kingdom at War stands out accordingly.

The only drawback is the amount of menus which appear at various points of the game. They are necessary, unfortunately, given the amount of options available to players, but the screen can appear to be a tad busy at times. The silver lining, at least, is that navigating your way around the gameworld is a breeze.

The Gameplay

There is an agreeable level of strategy to Throne: Kingdom at War as you look to use your resources effectively. Should you build that new castle, research new tech or train the next generation of bloodthirsty warriors? These decisions, and many more, are yours.

Source: Plarium.

While the 'standard' gameplay is satisfying enough and will keep most players entertained for hours on end, the opportunity to enter tournaments extends the player journey yet further.

These tournaments take place against opponents from all over the world, and who each has crafted their clan in a unique way. Win battles, earn 'silver' and enhance your reputation as a would-be king not to be trifled with.

In Conclusion

In short, Throne: Kingdom at War follows the standard 'fight, build, collect and upgrade' trope of the best MMORTS games but there is a feeling of genuine excitement that comes from entering battles utilizing the army you have built from scratch.

Far from being a 'here today, gone tomorrow' style mobile game, 'Throne' rewards those who are willing to put in the hard yards to build an unbeatable clan.

But it's a lot of fun too, and any title which boasts the tagline 'let cold steel be the judge' has to be respected. You can download Throne: Kingdom at War from the App Store now.

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