Super Mario Games You Can't Miss

6 March 2019, 8:14 am EST By Staff Reporter Mobile & Apps

If you love to play games online, we recommend you to try the following Super Mario games. You can play with your favorite characters in Super Mario Crossover and the rest of the stunning games. You will discover that every character has his own unique abilities which help to survive in the mushroom kingdom.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a fabulous game. You will enjoy a new recreated version of the the original Super Mario Bros. game. It allows you to choose different characters from other classic games. Besides, Mario Crossover Play Online is available to everyone. Do not miss your chance to have real fun.

Mario Great Rescue

We all remember this little Italian plumber who is so brave and never is afraid of danger and challenging obstacles. He is always ready to risk his life for adventures. Today you can help him as no one else. The last experience of Mario turned into a real catastrophe. Do you know that he was captured by his biggest enemy? Only you can help get back home.

Super Mario Sky

The world was conquested by the great evil power. By playing Super Mario Sky, you will see numerous monsters, mushrooms, zombies, and trolls everywhere. If you want to win the game, you will have to stop the evil forces. Mario is a real man, and this is the duty of his life. Do it! Save people and your princess.

Mario Cutting

In the game "Mario Cutting", the main character gets imprisoned by malicious mushrooms. You will find Mario on the highest wooden towers. Mario finds it impossible to get down from there. It is your duty to help him escape from the towers. You will have to cut towers into various geometric figures. This will let Mario escape from the bizarre island of mushrooms.

Mario ATV 3

In the game "Mario ATV 3" you play as Mario. Before you could experience different roles when Mario saves the bride from the evil dragon, or when he runs into the dungeon, but this time Mario is very tired of running all the time. You will see him on ATV. He loves it! The goal of the game is to collect stars and pass through many levels as fast as possible.

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