Chaku Perfume Creates 'Chat Perf' Accessory To Create, And Share, Smells

16 October 2012, 12:40 pm EDT By Jonathan Charles Mobile & Apps

If sending smells through iPhones is a much requested feature, then users are in luck with a new app providing the functionality via an accessory.

Chaku Perfume developed an accessory to go on the bottom of an iPhone, called "Chat Perf," accompanied by an app. Smells can be sent across the Internet and physical means, and the accessory is pitched as providing a connection to experiences.

With the accessory that attaches to the bottom of iPhones, smells can be sent in spray form to users. The device includes an atomiser and a smell tank that attaches to the dock port on the bottom of the devices. Whether the new Lightning connector, introduced with iPhone 5, is supported is unconfirmed. Currently, Apple offers a $30 adapter for non-Lightning Dock accessories.

Chaku Perfume shared ways for users to utilize the technology: smells could match games while playing with friends or as a tourist attraction. Artists at live concerts could also provide a smell for fans, or a letter could open to a fresh aroma. It is not clear how long the smell lasts.

RocketNews24 reported on the app via the Japanese Web site, translating the description, suggesting ideas for the app.

"An interesting way to utilize this application would be for it to be used as a promotion aid at a concert. The smell tank could be handed out to iPhone users at the entrance. After downloading the application, the audience could receive the vocalist's choice of scent," reported RocketNews24 .

Chaku Perfume also wants to export the technology into Japan. Whether the technology proves to be a hit remains to be seen. A video (below) shows two girls using the device and it seems to be a surprising hit.

The app itself seems to allow users to create and name smells, though the video showing the functionality is unclear. The hardware does not look ready for release as the device is translucent and looks like a prototype.

Chart Perf will release this fall for approximately $62.25, or 4980 yen. The video shows the app running on iOS; different platforms are not confirmed.

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