Apple Opens eBay Store For Its Refurbished Products?

20 November 2012, 12:31 pm EST By Anu Passary Mobile & Apps

Apple reportedly has launched its first certified eBay store which is selling the company's selected refurbished devices with a one-year warranty.

The eBay store labeled 'Refurbished Outlet' attracts customers, which says 'Apple Certified Refurbished Products' and has iPhones, iPads, iPods, and MacBooks on offer. Furthermore, the store has received 99.7 percent positive reviews from buyers. But, there is no information where the devices are coming from.

"We thought Apple might be testing the waters to sell refurbished products directly to customers through eBay, and it seems that's exactly what is happening. We discovered that this is in fact an Apple-run Store within eBay. It is in trial, and it could open the door to much bigger things. No one would go on the record at eBay, however," reported 9to5mac.

Similar to Apple's own refurbished products, the eBay "Refurbished Outlet" products all have the following:

  • Full one-year warranty
  • Returned to like-new condition
  • iPads/iPods include a new battery
  • Received complete burn-in testing
  • Original OS re-installed
  • Repackaged with manual and cable
  • Final quality inspection by Apple

The prices of the products in the "Refurbished Outlet" are also very identical to the Apple Store's refurbished prices.

9to5mac also reports that the store charges taxes in select U.S. states where Apple's official store collects taxes across all the states in the country. The tax rates indicated by 9to5mac are listed below:

California                     7.25%
District of Columbia      6.0%
Indiana                         7.0%
Nevada                         6.85%
New Jersey                  7.0%
Texas                           6.25%

The eBay store does not have the latest iDevices, but with Apple products sold at a cheaper price the store may attract customers. However, a question may arise that if Apple has its own store for refurbished products then why use a third-party online retailer like eBay?

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