Windows 8 App Review: Tiny Ball vs Evil Devil

23 November 2012, 9:33 am EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Tiny Ball vs Evil Devil, sounds like an interesting game, right? Well, it is, and sometimes it's not. This game is being compared to Angry Birds, which is understandable since the concept and gameplay are pretty similar. However, there are some differences that sets the game apart.

This game has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day many players may not choose to go far with the game due to certain decisions made by the developers that took the long-term fun out of Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil.


  • Fun game
  • Great sound
  • Can be addictive


  • Must purchase power balls for long-term entertainment
  • Some levels are impossible to finish without power balls

Look and Feel

Tiny Ball vs Evil Devil is great looking game, the graphics are pleasing to the eyes; however, the background is mostly brown for the first part until other seasons are unlocked. Not much goes on-screen, the Evil Devil is lifeless until it's been hit with one of the balls, but it does make growling sounds regularly. When a ball hits the ground after being fired off, its eyes move around like crazy, an aspect which children may enjoy.


Playing Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil is similar to playing Angry Birds, just aim and shoot, that's it. Sounds easy enough, but it isn't when the Evil Devil is protected by multiple boxes or is in an awkward position. Sometimes the player must hit the back wall in order for the ball to bounce and hit the Evil Devil to the ground. Having the Devil fall to ground is the aim of the game and if a player is able to do this successfully, then to they proceed to the next level.

Furthermore, the player has limited number of balls to play around with, run out of Tiny Ball before the Evil Devil hits the ground and game over. This forces the player to think, however, thinking too long before making a move determines the number of points and stars the player accumulates after completing the level.

This area is where things start to get a little crazy and the fun element begins to die down for Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil. The game has four type of balls, the normal blue ball, the bouncy ball, the metal ball, and a ball that acts like a grenade for making things go BOOM!

For the player to use these additional power balls, they are required to purchase them. Now, this is a problem because some levels are impossible to get by without a powerball, so gamers are forced to spend for the purpose of finishing the game. However, the developers forgot to keep those who are unable to purchase items from the Windows 8 Store in mind, and this is the main drawback of Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil.


Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil is not a bad game, it's fun for the most part until it comes down to spending. There is no problem with spending on in-game items; however, it becomes a problem when these items are needed for the player to progress further in this so-called free game.

If you're interested in checking out Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil, you can download the game here for free.

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