Zynga Mafia Wars 2 Will End On December 30

5 December 2012, 9:24 am EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Zynga, the social gaming company isn't doing so well, that's common knowledge. Things are so bad that the company was forced to lay off 100 workers. Now to stay afloat, Zynga will have to close down some of its games.

When Zynga was on top of things, Facebook and other platforms were overrun by folks playing Farmville and Mafia Wars. However, things are taking a surprising twist. Mafia Wars 2 was first released in 2012, but unlike its predecessor that saw 280,000 daily user activity and 1.1 million monthly user activity, the game only manages to pull off 20,000 daily active users and 280,000 monthly active users.

Despite the failure of Mafia Wars 2, Zynga doesn't plan on abandoning the thousands of players who still find the game fun by not saying a word. The company sent out an email to all players advising them that the game will be shutting down on Dec. 30. It is not certain if players who bought in-game items would get any incentive or would be compensated.

Mafia Wars 2 is not the only social game to meet the Zynga axe. In a recent internal memo by Zynga CEO and co-founder Mark Pincus, the company plans to axe 13 games in 2013. However, he did not specify the name of these games. Fans of Zynga games should prepare for the worst. As of right now, anything is possible and the only thing able to save these 13 games is if they see a hike in visitor activity.

Then again, many Facebook users who are enraged by the amount of game request sent by friends might find this news to be fulfilling, because it means 13 less game request.

Furthermore, one should keep in mind that Zynga still have a few popular games left, so the company isn't hitting rock bottom anytime soon.

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