Flickr Brings iPhone App Into Photo Sharing Competition

13 December 2012, 1:40 pm EST By Cory Orlando Mobile & Apps

Just a day after announcing the new Yahoo Mail redesign, Yahoo has launched an Instagram-inspired new Flickr iPhone app. The app has many of the same photo sharing features that other apps have including filters, saving favorite photos, and comments.

The new Flickr app is only for iOS devices now and has been completely redesigned. Many of the ideas that innovated the new Yahoo Mail redesign can been shown in this new app. Menus are cleaner, logging in is faster, and uploading is simple by enhancing the photo-sharing experience.

"We are planning shortly after the iPhone launch to bring the experience also on Android -- a consistent experience that feels natural and native to the platform. Going forward there should not be a difference between where you use Flickr," noted Markus Spiering, head of Flickr product at Yahoo.

Since the Android app's last upgrade back in August, Flickr has lacked to keep up-to-date with the new iOS photo sharing interfaces such as Instagram and Pinterest.

The set up of the home screen showcases where the main redesign has happened. Looking at profiles within the app, users can now double tap a photo to favorite it, use landscape orientation, or even see the location of photos taken.

Looking through photos is now even easier with tabs at the bottom of the screen. Users can now choose to search through their own contacts and groups for photos or discover photos snapped nearby.

With 85 million active users per day, there is no doubt that Flickr is not lacking in the user interaction department. Given news on Instagram and Twitter splitting their integration, Flickr benefits in its open built-in mechanism to share photos across different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google's Blogger, and more.

"Engagement to a high percentage is happening on mobile," averred Spiering. "It really bring Flickr into the palm of your hand."

Looks as if everyone wants a piece of the photo-sharing pie these days. The real question lies in which app will ultimately be what suits users needs and wants.

Download the new Flickr app for your iOS device here

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