uChair: Split Keyboard In Recliner's Armrests Shoots For Ultimate Comfort While Typing

15 January 2013, 3:06 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: a.burlacu@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

This year's international CES tech fest wasn't short of innovative accessories, but the uChair is an actual piece of furniture.

Simply put, uChair is a split keyboard embedded in the armrests of a comfortable recliner, aiming to offer the ultimate typing experience while sitting back and relaxing.

With uChair, the user can simply sit back, adjust the recliner's headrest, pull out a laptop, tablet, or screen attached to the articulated bracket and type away without having to hunch over the keyboard or sit in uncomfortable positions.

The uChair certainly looks far more comfortable than the typical office chair and it should be much more comfortable to type without having to sit at a desk. On the other hand, using a split keyboard is no easy task, particularly as the halves are quite far apart from each other. It may be a bit more difficult for those who always type with their eyes on the keyboard, but it likely gets easier in time.

At the same time, while sedentary types may simply fall in love with this recliner keyboard, it may not be the best idea for one's health. On one hand this ergonomic chair should make it easier to prevent neck and shoulder strain, as well as lower back aches, but users should also stand up and move around from time to time. If the chair is too comfortable, sedentary types may just choose to lie there indefinitely browsing the Internet, and that's definitely not recommended.

The uChair also features a footrest, complete with switches. Users can customize these footrest switches for keyboard functions such as easy return and press them with their feet. At least this way, the user is bound to move at least a little. The armrest, meanwhile, has room for a mouse as well.

The innovative split keyboard armchair also sports an embedded cable system, which means the user's workspace doesn't have to be cluttered by a handful of knotting wires and cables.

According to Beijing uChair Technologies, the Chinese firm behind the furniture keyboard, the uChair will launch in the U.S. and China in June 2013. But comfort comes at a price - $699 to be exact.. As they say, God made man; everything else is made in China

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