Top 15 Tips And Tricks For iOS 6

9 February 2013, 7:16 am EST By Binu Paul email: Mobile & Apps

Apple has brought in a lot of new features to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad through the latest software update, in the form of the iOS 6. There are many useful features hidden in the new software update and as you upgrade to iOS 6.1, we would like to brush up those tips and tricks that can enrich your iDevice experience.

'Via Transit': Though you can make Google Maps your default maps apps through a jailbreak, one cannot expect Apple to replace its own Maps with Google's. However, with a simple trick of 'via transit', you can get directions with Google Maps on your iPhone without jailbreaking. All you need to do is to add 'via transit' at the end of your voice command and Siri will open up a list of available maps apps besides Apple's own. Users will be able to open any third-party app installed in their iPhone or download one from the App Store. Watch the video demonstration below to know this tip in action (Source: Cult of Mac):

iPhone or iPad can read to you: Enabling the Speak option on your iOS device will make it possible for your iDevice to read out any selected text for you. All you need to do is to go to Settings app, tap on General, and then choose Accessibility, scroll down to Speak Selection, and tap to turn it on. Now, you can highlight text in your app using various options such as mail, Safari, notes etc. When a text is selected, you will receive a bunch of new options, tap the right arrow to view more options and when you get the Speak command, select it and your iOS device will start reading the text aloud.

Siri Audio Output: You can select which audio inputs your iPhone can use. For instance, you car has a built-in speakerphone, or if you have a Bluetooth accessory that has a microphone and speakers, you can set your choice for Siri to listen. As Macworld notes, "when you click and hold the iPhone's Home button, you'll see a speaker icon to the right of the main Siri button. Tap it, and you'll get a menu of all the various sound inputs your iPhone can use; select the one you want, and Siri will listen using that microphone."

Edit Siri: If you feel Siri doesn't understand you quite right, you can edit Siri by entering your corrected text both by typing out or using the iOS's built-in dictation feature. Just tap on the microphone in the keyboard and speak your text aloud, and it gets entered.

Emoji Keyboard: You can easily have the iconographic symbols in emails, iMessages, and tweets with Emoji keyboard. Open Settings, select General, International, keyboards, then tap 'Add new Keyboard' and you will find Emoji there. You can toggle between your regular keyboard and Emoji with the little globe icon on the spacebar. The Emoji keyboard contains many tabs full of different characters and with a little tap on it, you can insert those in your text.

Post Messages on Social Media with Siri: Siri can help you post stats messages on your favourite social networks. Just dictate your message such as "Tweet I'm eating breakfast" or "Write on my Wall I love Siri," and the messages gets posted on your social networking pages.

Expert Answers on Movies: You can enquire anything about movies such as which films specific actors have appeared in together, and Siri will replay with the right answeres.

Protect Your Personal Data: You can adjust which apps have access to your location by going to the Privacy section of Settings. In addition, you can further prevent your apps from accessing your contacts, calendars, reminders, photos, and Bluetooth sharing. You can also set your apps to restrict Twitter or Facebook to log in with your credentials. You can restrict access, set guided access, and limit advertiser tracking on your device, manually manage iCloud backup space and manage storage on your device.

Click A Photo While Shooting Videos: Want to snap a photo while shooting? Just tap the camera button that is present on-screen in addition to the shutter button as you shoot a video, and you get the image. "Normally, the Camera app prompts you to take those photos from left to right. To reverse that, tap once on the panorama guide to flip it to the opposite side of your screen," Macworld gives another tip.

Add Photos or Videos in Mail: As you compose a new message on your Mail app, you can insert a photo or video by simply tapping on a blank section which will bring up the contextual menu, select the Insert Photo or Video.

Auto-Replies for Rejected Calls: You can customize iMessage auto-replies for rejected calls. Swipe upward on the phone icon that appears next to the unlock slider and choose Reply with Message. You get three pre-recorded choices by default, but you can customise those pre-canned messages under Settings > Phone > Reply with Message.

Location-Based Reminders for Specific Locations: Want to be reminded of what to buy when you reach the grocery store? As you create a reminder, turn on 'Remind Me At a Location'. Your current address will be populated, tap on it and you will receive a host of options, including, at the bottom, a text box to enter a custom address.

Shared Photo Streams: You can create Shared Photo Streams by going to Photos and select the Photo Stream button in the toolbar, tap on the Plus button on the upper left corner; tap it and enter a name for your shared stream along with a list of people you'd like to invite. "Photos can be added from your existing photo albums or Camera Roll by tapping on the Share button and selecting Photo Stream or by tapping Edit while viewing your shared stream and tapping the Add button that appears at the bottom," Macworld reported.

Browse with Full Screen Mode: Rotate your iPhone to landscape mode, tap the full-screen double-arrows at the bottom right corner and here you get the full screen mode as it frees up the pixels otherwise occupied by Safari's location bar and tab bar.

Open Webpage in Background: You can open linked web pages on the background without interrupting your reading. You can do it by going to the settings > Safari > open Links and choose the In Background option.

[Source: Macworld]

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