The Sky Factory Founder Bill Witherspoon To Speak At Strategies in Light Conference

5 February 2013, 3:23 pm EST

Bill Witherspoon, the founder of The Sky Factory, LC, manufacturer of SkyCeilingsTM and Luminous Virtual WindowsTM, and more recently, Digital Cinema products; SkyVTM and eScapeTM - realistic illusions of nature for enclosed interior spaces, will speak on "Nature, Light, and the Fork in the Road" at the 2013 Strategies in Light conference, the leading event for the global LED and lighting industry February 12-14 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.

We rely on vision as the primary delivery system of light-transmitted data for the cognitive processes that lead to perception. Witherspoon's February 12th workshop presentation "Nature, Light, and the Fork in the Road" will focus on lighting use and application as a biophilic imperative. The workshop explores light driven illusions generated by solid state and video technologies and how these illusions are judiciously applied as a powerful tool to modify the built environment and enliven essential biophilic responses in the physiology and psychology of human occupants.

According to Biophilia Hyposthesis, we have a genetic predisposition for contact with nature and such contact is necessary if we are to maintain a positive experience of life without dislocation, disorientation and disease. Biophilic illusions are environmental inputs that trigger biophilic engagement and natural biological processes even though the source is not nature itself.

The Sky Factory is Witherspoon's most recent project in a career of more than 40 years as an artist and instigator of six startup companies that have explored the deep intersection of science, art and nature. The "Nature, Light, and the Fork in the Road" workshop will take place inside Hyatt Grand Ballroom C, on Tuesday February 12th from 1:30 - 2:00 pm, at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

About Sky Factory

The Sky Factory, LC is a unique fine art and technology company based in Fairfield, Iowa. Founded in 2002 by artist and entrepreneur Bill Witherspoon, the company creates realistic Illusions of Nature™ - virtual skylights and windows - that transform interior spaces and enliven our innate biophilia. Sky Factory products are designed and manufactured in Fairfield, Iowa, and distributed globally through a network of authorized International Partners. Applications include all healthcare environments, elder care facilities, schools, work, residential and hospitality environments. Sky Factory's new digital cinema systems feature exquisite UltraHD nature imagery and sound recordings presented as unique hours-long scenes. They offer an unprecedented level of quality and realism. For more information, visit the Sky Factory website.

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