Google Introduces Calendar To Search Field Trial: More New Features Revealed

28 February 2013, 6:34 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Google is set to make more changes and additions to its Gmail Search Field Trial.

Per reports, Google has started growing its Gmail Search Field Trial yet again. The Field Trial is known for pulling information from users' mailboxes to populate certain Google searches.

As of now, Google has introduced calendar appointments from Google Calendar to the list of searchable data. What this means is that if the user has opted into the "field trial," he or she can perform thorough searches like asking what kind of things needs to be done per the inout made in the calender, or when the person has scheduled a meeting with his or her friend in the search bar and get answers quickly.

“With all that you juggle every day, its easy to lose track of appointments, plans, and reminders. With today's expansion of our Gmail Search Field Trial, we've added Calendar results to your Gmail and Drive results,” the official page states.

“You can learn your entire schedule for the day by searching for [what is on my calendar today]. Or if you'd want to know when you're meeting up with your friend Bryan for lunch, type [when am i meeting bryan].”

As far as improvements to search in Gmail are concerned, as soon as the user types a search in Gmail, he or she will instantly start seeing relevant emails as well as results from Google Drive, Google Calendar and more.

There is also the option of enhanced flight tracking features that will offer information and status updates for the upcoming flights. Users can also search for [my flights] on and useful information will appear right in Search.

“The whole service isn't too dissimilar to Google Now. When Google first announced the field trial last summer, it said it planned to add calendar results to the service, and now it is making good on that promise,” The Verge writes.

There are improvements to search on as well with the searches on having a high probability of securely surfacing relevant emails, files and more from Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendar.

“A search is a search, and with the field trial you can securely see results that are important to you, no matter where the answer may be,” the page adds.

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