Kickstarter hacked - Change your password now

16 February 2014, 10:21 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Cyber-attacks are on the rise and there's a growing list of hacked websites, with popular crowdsourcing site Kickstarter now on that list.

Kickstarter is a well-known venue for crowd-funding various promising projects and it has helped many visionaries reach their goals and turn their innovative ideas into reality.

It is now confirmed that Kickstarter has been the target of a cyber attack, as the site's CEO Yancey Strickler has acknowledged the security breach in a blog post on Saturday, Feb. 15. Based on the announcement, the hackers didn't do too much damage to the site.

Kickstarter first learned about the hack on Wednesday night, Feb. 12, when it was alerted by law enforcement officials. As soon as it has been notified, Kickstarter closed the security breach and started bolstering its security measures cross its system. The blog post states that hackers did not access any credit card data of any kind, and the company has found evidence of unauthorized activity on only two Kickstarter user accounts.

"While no credit card data was accessed, some information about customers was," reads the announcement. "Accessed information included usernames, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and encrypted passwords. Actual passwords were not revealed, however it is possible for a malicious person with enough computing power to guess and track an encrypted password, particularly a weak or obvious one."

"As a precaution, we strongly recommend that you create a new password for your Kickstarter account, and other accounts where you use this password."

To further strengthen security, Kickstarter has also reset all Facebook login credentials for users who log into Kickstarter via their social network account. These users will be able to reconnect as soon as they come back to Kickstarter.

"We are incredibly sorry that this happened. We set a very high bar for how we serve our community, and this incident is frustrating and upsetting. We have since improved our security procedures and systems in numerous ways, and we will continue to do so in the weeks and months to come. We are working closely with law enforcement, and we are doing everything in our power to prevent this from happening again."

While your credit card information may not have been accessed, it is nonetheless highly recommended that you head over to Kickstarter and change your password immediately. To do so, follow the instructions in the blog post announcement. 

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