iOS 10.3

Apple Releases The Second Beta of iOS 10.3.2 To Developers

Apple has released the second beta of the upcoming iOS 10.3.2 update to developers.

iOS 10.3 April 12, 2017

Apple’s iOS 10.3 Update is Biggest Rollout for the Company Due to Massive Transition to APFS File System

The update marks Apple’s official transition from its 30-year old HFS+ file system to their more modern Apple File System (APFS) format.

iOS 10.3 March 30, 2017

Apple Took a Big Risk with the iOS 10.3 Update, Here's Why [VIDEO]

Users probably didn't notice any big changes to their devices after they updated, and that is exactly how Apple apparently wanted it to go down.

iOS 10.3 March 29, 2017

iOS 10.3 Beta 4 Update: New Features, Changes & Fixes in New Software Release Includes Siri Support for Cricket Scores & More!

The release of iOS 10.3 Beta 4 appears to have focused primarily on bug fixes and enhancements.

iOS 10.3 March 1, 2017

iOS 10.3 New Safer & Quicker Changes On CarPlay

CarPlay gets small, but safer changes with iOS 10.3 update.

iOS 10.3 February 16, 2017

Apple iOS 10.3 Features, Uses and Updates: New Apple ID Setting, Find my Airpods Feature Introduced

With the new iOS 10.3, iPhone and iPad users can enjoy a number of new features like locating their missing AirPods and having a new Apple ID Profile.

iOS 10.3 January 31, 2017

iOS 10. 3: Top New Features You Should Know; Should You Upgrade? [VIDEO]

Apple on Tuesday released the company's new operating system for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 10.3 January 26, 2017

Apple Gets Creative In Finding Lost AirPods; iOS 10.3 Update Brings In Find My AirPods Option

Being small and untethered increases the risk of losing Apple's premier wireless headsets. The company has found a solution.

iOS 10.3 January 26, 2017

iPhone iOS 10.3 Update Could Introduce Cinema Mode; Battery Bug Fix Also Expected

A cinema mode could be introduced in the next major iOS update but fans are also clamoring for a fix in the battery problem which drains an iPhone's power.

iOS 10.3 January 11, 2017

Apple iOS 10.3 Update To Introduce Theatre Mode

Upcoming iOS update may be coming soon for iPhone users this month along with a new feature.

iOS 10.3 January 4, 2017

Apple's iOS 10.3 Update: A Brand New Feature And Possible Fix For The 30 Percent Bug

Apple iOS 10.3 will have a brand new feature and a possible fix for the 30 percent bug.

iOS 10.3 January 2, 2017

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