'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Receives Its First Proper Huge Review Boost; Is Nintendo Switch Ready for the Game?

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" will be released on March 3 alongside Nintendo Switch and will also be available on Wii U.

nioh February 26, 2017

‘Nioh’ Exceeds 1 Million In Sales; All Players Get Free ‘Golden Nioh Armor’ To Celebrate In Patch Update 1.04 & More

"Nioh's" widespread popularity resounded globally and translated it to sales as evidenced by the over one million milestone mark it just passed.

nioh February 25, 2017

‘Nioh,’ ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ & More Titles Get $25 EGift Card At Dell, More Offers To Choose From

Although Dell does not offer an outright discount like its counterparts, buyers are getting the best pre-order or recent-release offers on the market.

nioh February 24, 2017

'Nioh' To Add More High-Difficulty Missions In March; PvP Multi-Player Mode & First DLC Coming In April

"Nioh" fans better prepare and sharpen their blades to defy death once again, as new updates reveal more high-difficulty missions.

nioh February 22, 2017

‘Nioh’s’ William Is Koei Tecmo’s Latest ‘Musou Stars’ Playable Character; Price, Release Date & More

The gaming population fostered by "Nioh" are sure to enjoy this cross over game as their hero is here to slay.

nioh February 20, 2017

‘Nioh’ Team Ninja’s Card To Redemption; Dark Samurai Quest Much More Than A ‘Dark Souls’ Clone

Team Ninja's inspiration from "Dark Souls" probably spun gold for "Nioh" despite being dubbed as a clone.

nioh February 18, 2017

‘Nioh’ Glitch Deletes Saved Data Upon Creating A Character [VIDEO]

Reports claim that there is an existing bug in “Nioh” that deletes players’ saved data upon creating a new or switching to another character.

nioh February 17, 2017

'Nioh' Update 1.03 Fixes Sub-Mission Issues, Increases Rewards for the Random Encounter; Team Ninja Is Quick To Resolve The Issues

This "Nioh" update 1.03 patch adds a pool of game balance adjustments and also several bug fixes.

nioh February 17, 2017

'Nioh' Tips & Tricks: Strategy For A Forever Charged Living Weapon Using Soul Stones [VIDEO]!

The "Nioh" community has shared yet another tip to boost game performance and reduce in-game damages to the players. The players' Living Weapon can be charged continuously by a steady supply of Soul Stones.

nioh February 16, 2017

‘Nioh’ Tips & Tricks: How To Have Enough Soulstones & Beat Any Boss, No Skills Needed

Beating bosses in the reputed game is not an easy feat to tackle, but with Soulstones' release, the Living Weapons will wield its magic.

nioh February 15, 2017

'Nioh' Gameplay Tricks: Playstation Shows How to Defy Death On PS4; Maximizing Weapons, Fighting Stance & Stealth

"Nioh" is seen by many as a new hack-and-slash game that need a bit of patience and calculations to survive.

nioh February 13, 2017

‘Nioh’ News & Updates: Stores Are Selling Out All Over The Place

"Nioh" gamers who want to have a physical copy of the game will have to wait for stores to restock.

nioh February 11, 2017

'Nioh' Gameplay Guide: What The 7 Elemental Effects Do & How To Use Them Like Magic

Players will find it beneficial to experiment with the elements against enemies that give them difficulties to discover what it takes to annihilate them.

nioh February 10, 2017

'Nioh' Gameplay Guide: How To Claim The Mark Of The Champion & Strong DLC Items; Farm Glory For Free

Here is a guide to claim the Mark of the Champion and strong DLC items and how to farm glory for free.

nioh February 9, 2017

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