Satya Nadella

Microsoft Will Launch More Phones That Will Be Very Different From The Rest, Says CEO

Nadella, in the recent Microsoft event, noted that the company will make more phones but it will be

Satya Nadella May 4, 2017

Breaking Down Microsoft's May 2 Event: Why The Surface Pro 5 Does Not Matter

May 2 might not be the perfect time for a new Surface Pro device.

Satya Nadella April 17, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Specs, Features and Release Updates: Flagship Device Could Be Discontinued; Fans Still Anticipate Release

Though there are reports indicating that the Microsoft Surface Phone could not be released at all, many are still hoping that Microsoft will push through with the handset.

Satya Nadella February 22, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Updates & Specs: Upcoming Handset Could Appear Like A Phablet

The Microsoft Surface Phone could come out in October this year with a design size that is similar to a phablet.

Satya Nadella January 14, 2017

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