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Google Pixel 2017: Three Pixel Branded Devices Including The Pixel 2 XXL To Arrive This Year [VIDEO[

Google's Pixel devices are no stranger to rumors and leaks and now, the latest buzz around the search giant's self-branded smartphone suggest three new Pixel devices could be in the offing this year.

snapdragon 835 May 3, 2017

Google Pixel 2 Release Date Still Kept Under Wraps? Pixel 2 XXL Spotted In Search Giant's Latest Leak [VIDEO]

Aside from the ‘muskie’ and ‘walleye,’ a third Google Pixel device bearing codename "Taimen" could be in the works.

snapdragon 835 April 29, 2017

Xiaomi Mi 6 Latest News: Company's Alleged Strategic Move To Resolve The Snapdragon 835 Shortage Revealed

Xiaomi Mi 6 has been recently the center of speculations when stories came out that the Chinese smartphone will not have the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, however, it appears that the company has come up with a solution to this dilemma.

snapdragon 835 March 18, 2017

Samsung Calls 'Dibs' on New Snapdragon 835 Chipset For Galaxy S8; Competition May Be in Trouble

Tech giant Samsung acquired something that could give it an utter advantage among the Android competition.

snapdragon 835 January 24, 2017

Xiaomi Mi 6 Specs and Features: Next Xiaomi Release Could be at MWC 2017; Three Variants Expected

Three models of the Xiaomi Mi 6 are expected to come out this year with varying processors and material used for its body.

snapdragon 835 January 23, 2017

Snapdragon 835 Processor Gets Mass Produced In Time For Samsung Galaxy S8’s April Release

Qualcomm is going to debut its Snapdragon 835 processor in Samsung's Galaxy S8.

snapdragon 835 January 9, 2017

A Comparison Between Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon 821 Proccessors

Qualcomm has released the Snapdragon 835. Notably, it is different in the node from 14nm of the older Snapdragon820/821 to the new 10nm.

snapdragon 835 January 6, 2017

CES 2017: Latest ASUS ZenFone Model Could Be Running On Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

ASUS to reveal their latest ZenFone handset at the Consumer Electronics Show this January 4. Handset to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

snapdragon 835 January 4, 2017

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