Titanfall 2

'Titanfall 2' Free Update: What Respawn Offers Beyond Live Fire Mode In Latest Patch

Here's what Respawn has in store in the upcoming free update for "Titanfall 2" beyond the Live Fire mode.

Titanfall 2 February 22, 2017

'Titanfall 2' Live Fire Update Patch Notes Now Out; Still No Release Date For The Update

Respawn has released the patch notes for the upcoming "Titanfall 2" Live Fire Update. The developer failed, however, to give a release date for the upcoming patch.

Titanfall 2 February 19, 2017

'Titanfall 2' Live Fire Update: No New Patch Notes Live Fire Update; Confirmed Features Coming With The Update Revealed

The patch notes for "Titanfall 2" Live Fire Update will temporarily be held by Respawn while they are still polishing the patch. Meanwhile, the team revealed some confirmed features coming alongside the patch.

Titanfall 2 February 15, 2017

'Titanfall 2' DLC: Free Update Out In March; Respawn Details What's Coming In Live Fire Mode [Watch Gameplay Trailer]

March can't get more exciting for hardcore gamers of "Titanfall 2" as Respawn is set to launch a host of free updates and paid DLCs.

Titanfall 2 February 8, 2017

‘Titanfall 2’ Updates: New Updates With A Lot Of Features Coming This February & March

"Titanfall 2" getting new features along with its new update coming this month and March.

Titanfall 2 February 7, 2017

Respawn Unveils 'Titanfall 2' Live Fire, Forces Players to Combat; Gameplay, Maps & Strategy

"Titanfall 2" has plotted its Live Fire multiplayer mode, replete with details for the upcoming free content that Respawn Entertainment will unleash in the coming months.

Titanfall 2 January 29, 2017

'Titanfall: Frontline' iOS & Android Version Cancelled; Particle City Will Take Down Game Server on Friday

"Titanfall: Frontline" mobile version was cancelled and developers are justifying that they decided with an intent to make the game refined.

Titanfall 2 January 17, 2017

'Titanfall 2' DLC 2 Confirmed: Respawn To Expand Game With New 6v6 Pilots Only Mode, Stacks And Meadow Maps

Titanfall 2 will get more exciting than ever with the arrival of the title's content update 2, adding some exciting new features.

Titanfall 2 January 17, 2017

GameStop Expresses Frustration Over Holiday Sales, Notes ‘Weak’ Sales In ‘Infinite Warfare’ & ‘Titanfall 2’

GameStop somehow had a bad year because of “Infinite Warfare” & “Titanfall 2.”

Titanfall 2 January 16, 2017

'Titanfall 2' Multiplayer Mode 'Live Fire', to Give Teams Only One Minute to Finish!

The new multiplayer mode released for 'Titanfall 2' gives teams only one minute to finish their goals.

Titanfall 2 January 14, 2017

‘Titanfall 2’ News & Updates: How To Find Pilot Helmets In The Pilot’s Gauntlet, BT-7274

Collectibles, in the form of pilot helmets, have been discreetly placed in different locations within the game.

Titanfall 2 January 13, 2017

‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,' 'Battlefield 1' & 'Titanfall 2' Sales Make Analyst Michael Pachter's Prediction A Bit Off

Maybe Michael Pachter needs to start on his retirement plans.

Titanfall 2 January 3, 2017

‘Titanfall 2’ Gameplay: Most Diverse Progression Among 2016’s Shooters

Here’s why “Titanfall 2” is 2016’s underdog.

Titanfall 2 January 2, 2017

'Titanfall 2': Why Jumping To Online, Multi-Player Mode Is Discouraged, Mix And Match Weapons To Get Favorable, Customized Results

Mix and match weapons to get favorable results during solo and multiplayer campaigns in "Titanfall 2."

Titanfall 2 December 27, 2016

Immense Xbox Live Sale:Week 1 Countdown Is On; Up To 60% Discount on Premium Titles, $1Gold Membership, Movies & TV Pass

Since the Countdown began, countless titles including popular ones were discounted for up to 60 percent for Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners.

Titanfall 2 December 27, 2016

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