Save Your Eyes, Here Are The Steps To Activate YouTube's Dark Mode

If you want to save your eyes, just follow these simple steps.

YouTube April 16, 2017

The Latest On Google: The Play Store Has A New Free App Of The Week Section

Google has added a new section to the Play store for promoting a free application every week.

YouTube March 27, 2017

YouTube Follows Facebook Live & Twitter Periscope Into The Live Streaming Venture; Google Lets Content Creators Earn Money Off Their Broadcast

YouTube is entering the live streaming trend to tackle Facebook Live and Twitter Periscope.

YouTube February 10, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Is Investing In Video; Sees It As The Next Megatrend

Mark Zuckerberg is steering Facebook onto a new path. The social media platform will be investing a large amount of money on the network's video strategy.

YouTube February 2, 2017

Windows 10 Recent Update Triggered Microsoft Shopping App Spam

Windows 10 users continue to be plagued with ads for its Shopping App.

YouTube January 21, 2017

YouTubers' Attention Called for Vlogs Being 'Home-based Businesses;' Neighbors File Complaints; County Explains Further

A group of YouTubers were on the verge of getting fined for what was suspected as a home-based business.

YouTube January 15, 2017

‘Melody’ An App Developed By Speak Music That Lets Users Request Songs With Their Voice

Speak Music introduces its latest app "Melody" which you can use to play music using just your voice.

YouTube January 7, 2017

2016 Top 10 Most Popular & Most Used Smartphone Apps: Facebook, YouTube & Google Dominated The List

Nielsen releases a survey for 2016 top 10 most popular and most used smartphone apps.

YouTube January 3, 2017

Facebook And Google Are The Most Popular Apps In 2016

Facebook remains the most popular app in the year 2016

YouTube December 29, 2016

YouTube Views Down Across The Board Reveals Third Party Stat Tracker

There is an industry-wide trend where YouTube views dropped significantly, a worrying trend for YouTubers such as PewDiePie whose income is tied to the views they generate.

YouTube December 26, 2016

Pokemon Sun And Moon Gameplay Videos and Photos Leak; Final Evolutions Unveiled

Some avid gamer leaked information about Pokemon Sun and Moon and the types of starter final evolutions. So, who among Rowlett, Litten and Popplio are going to be chosen by the players?

YouTube May 18, 2016

Pokemon Go Gameplay Leaked? Different Method Of Evolution Revealed!

While the announcement of Pokemon Go is expected this week, the fresh gameplay footage allegedly leaked on the Internet.

YouTube May 12, 2016

Google says no official YouTube app for Windows Phone due to lack of "critical mass of users"

Hoping to get some cool official Google apps on your Windows Phone 8 device? You'll be waiting for a while.

YouTube May 31, 2013

Yahoo looking to bid at least $600 million for Hulu

Yahoo wants a taste of online video streaming pie, and acquiring Hulu could do the trick.

YouTube May 28, 2013

Google and Microsoft team up to bring official YouTube app to Windows Phone

Windows Phone fans can rejoice - the official YouTube app is incoming.

YouTube May 27, 2013

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