iPhone 6 leaked images hint at intriguing new design - Check it out

9 June 2014, 7:17 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps
Leaked images show iPhone 6 shell  ( Nowhereelse )

The highly-anticipated iPhone 6 has leaked in new images, showing off the alleged shell of the handset and hinting at some design changes.

Apple is expected to unveil at least one new iPhone model this fall, and the iPhone 6 is widely believed to come with a significantly larger display compared to its predecessors. Various reports have also hinted toward some design changes, and the latest leak seems to bolster those claims.

The newly-leaked images come from French publication Nowhereelse and appear to show the rear shell of the purported iPhone 6, as well as the front and the sides. The images seem to confirm previous claims that the next-generation iPhone will be slim and light, but also reveal an intriguing cutout on the rear, beneath the handset's camera and flash.

That part is usually reserved for Apple's logo, but the leaked image of the rear panel shows that it has been kept hollow with this model. Nowhereelse speculates that Apple may be looking to add an illuminated logo that could be used for notifications, but this possibility doesn't seem very likely. Instead, the company could make use of this space to place antennas in order to boost the iPhone 6's signal, which falls in line with recent whispers that the new iPhone will have enhanced 4G LTE and will finally support NFC.

While this has not been seen in iPhones so far, it's not a new strategy for Apple. The company has already done such a move with previous iPad models, including the new Retina iPad Mini.

The images further show the sides of the purported iPhone 6, again revealing an intriguing cutout. The right side seems to have a special place reserved for the power switch, which has so far been located at the top of the device in previous iPhones. This would make sense considering that the iPhone 6 is expected to have a larger display, as it would facilitate access with one-handed use.

Based on rumors so far, the iPhone 6 will come in two large-screen versions, one with a 4.7-inch display and the other with a massive 5.5-inch screen, boasting QHD resolution. The 4.7-inch model is expected to make its debut this fall, while the iPhablet would arrive later this year or early next year. These newly-leaked images purportedly show the smaller iPhone 6 model.

Nothing is confirmed at this point, however, so it is highly-advisable to take all these leaks, rumors and speculation with a hefty grain of salt. All signs point to a large-screen iPhone coming this year, but it's all in the rumor state until Apple makes an official announcement. 

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