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‘The New Celebrity Apprentice’ News: Host Arnold Schwarzenegger Quits Reality Show Over Trump

The "Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger terminated himself from "The New Celebrity Apprentice" as host of the reality show over differences with U.S. President Donald Trump who is still the show's executive producer.

Donald Trump March 4, 2017

Apple, Google, Microsoft And Intel Among The 97 Tech Firms Against President Trump’s Executive Order Barring Immigrants From Seven Countries

97 tech companies has filed a letter in court to express their disapproval of President Trump's executive order barring immigrants to enter the US from seven countries.

Donald Trump February 7, 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits Back At Donald Trump’s Remark About His Low ‘Apprentice’ Ratings

Arnold Schwarzenegger responds to Donal Trumps remark at National Prayer Breakfast.

Donald Trump February 2, 2017

Muslim Ban: GDC Organizers ‘Horrified’ By Trump’s Travel Ban; Issues Statement, Refunds Affected Attendees

GDC has opposed US President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, along with ESA and gaming execs.

Donald Trump February 1, 2017

Donald Trump Inauguration: List Of Celebrities Who Will Perform At The Event [Watch Live]

Donald Trump inauguration ceremony has arrived, and it now time for the anti-Trump groups to accept the reality. Several celebrities had outright denied performing at the Trump inauguration. Trump's team probably had a tough time getting celebrities on board.

Donald Trump January 20, 2017

Steve Harvey Won’t Be Present At Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Steve Harvey Won’t be at Donald Trump’s Inauguration. Check this our as to why the Family Feud's host won't attend the said inauguration.

Donald Trump January 19, 2017

Massive Security Preparations Under Way For Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration 2017

Massive Security Preparations Under Way For Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration 2017. Check this out for more details!

Donald Trump January 14, 2017

Donald Trump Tells The Media That Sprint Will Be Bringing 5,000 Jobs Back To The US; SoftBank's Founder Promises At Least 50,000 Jobs

Donald Trump tells the media about new job openings available to American citizens in 2017.

Donald Trump December 29, 2016

Donald Trump Gets Backlash From Proposed Muslim Ban; Has Silicon Valley Accidentally Created Its Own Muslim Registry? [VIDEO]

Tech employees are petitioning against Donald Trump's plan to an all-out Muslim ban.

Donald Trump December 15, 2016

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