'Pokémon GO' Guide: Three Best Cheats And Tricks That Will Never Get You Banned

8 September 2016, 8:00 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

Niantic is extremely vigilant when it comes to cheating in their popular AR game "Pokémon GO." One after another, cheating tools and bots are getting fired down, but there are still some apps and software than can the "Pokémon GO" experience easier than expected. We listed down all the permaban safe methods.

The following methods are safe, but just like anything else, abuse will always lead to ugly things. Moderation of use is highly advised though players can go the extra mile from time to time.

Nox Android Emulator

This is not exactly a cheat per se, but somewhat a nice tool to have for trainers who don't have the time to go out everytime. The Nox Android emulator is one of the best, if not the best, Android emulators around and it could even be better than Bluestacks.

One thing that sets Nox apart from the other Android emulators is its capability to spoof the user's GPS location. This can be used to jump from one place to another easily.

However, doing so will risk the account from getting a permanent ban so this isn't how Nox is supposed to be used to play "Pokémon GO" without going out.

Instead, set the location BEFORE launching the game to a place as near as possible to your home and never use a faster than usual movement speed.

This method ensures that Niantic doesn't see anything out of ordinary to the player's account and if the circumstance allow the player to play the game normally again, there wouldn't be any trouble.

To get a full explanation on how to install and setup Nox for "Pokémon GO," check our guide here.

Easy PokéCoins Trick

Another trick that players can take advantage is the easy pokécoin trick. Pokécoin is something that could get pretty scarce in the game, especially if the expenditure is not well-controlled.

To get on top of this problem, upon reaching level 5, it would be wise to try and take over a gym or join one. Placing one of your pokémon can nab you 10 pokécoin in roughly a day.

Trainers can place up to 10 pokémon on different gyms, which equates to 100 pokécoins a day. It may not be that much, but as days goes by, trainers will realize that this is a very frugal way of earning in-game currency without spending real-life cash.

Easy Experience

For trainers looking for ways in leveling up quickly to nab better pokémon and do the second tip in this article, collecting tons of Pidgeys may be the best workaround to level up quick.

Pidgeys are extremely easy to come by and in every four Pidgey caught, trainers are rewarded with 500 XP and sometimes, even 1000 XP with an active egg. It is easy to overlook the egg, but the experience and the convenience of the method isn't something trainers should pass up.

Stay tuned for more "Pokémon GO" tricks here.

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