'Gundam Versus' Western Release Possible; 'Metal Gear' Fox Engine Director Involved In Development

16 September 2016, 9:18 am EDT By J Rose Mobile & Apps

Bandai Namco has recently revealed that a new Gundam game called "Gundam Versus" is in the works, and may potentially reach Western shores in the future.

The publisher has announced its new Gundam title at this year's Tokyo Game Show, and is set to be released on the PlayStation 4, US Gamer reported. The game announcement coincides with the celebration of the "Gundam Vs." series' 15th year anniversary.

"Gundam Versus" will not be adapted from an arcade version, and will be developed to utilize the power of the Playstation 4 console. As the trailer shows, it already looks much better than its previous titles.

The teaser showed some of the Gundam units fans will be piloting in the game soon, like Gundam Barbatos from "Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans," Gundam Exia from "Gundam 00" and more.

The teaser also showed that "Gundam Versus" is considered as the "next generation" of "Gundam Vs." titles, and it was announced previously that Bandai Namco is aiming to bring the next generation "Gundam Vs." games stateside.

During an interview with Famitsu (via Reddit), general manager Yusuke Sasaki said that there are plans to ship "Gundam Versus" outside Japan.

"If we considered the Arcade-based EXVS series as Gundam VS series' 4th generation," Sasaki said, "the next thing we should aim for is a 5th generation of 'Gundam VS' that applies to worldwide."

"In the 5th generation of 'Gundam VS', we want the title to be able to expand the invitation circle to worldwide where you can leisurely call new friends to 'Let's do it together!'" Assistant Naoya Yasuda added.

In other news, former Konami employee and the architect of "Metal Gear"'s Fox Engine Julien Merceron will be involved in the development of "Gundam Versus," according to this week's Famitsu magazine (via Play-Asia.)

Bandai Namco has not revealed a release date for "Gundam Versus" in Japan, but said that the game is currently 30 percent complete.

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