'Pokémon GO' Gen 2 Update Could Be Niantic's Trickiest Scheme Yet

30 November 2016, 8:00 am EST By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

There's no mistaking that the hype for "Pokémon GO" has started to cool down after a few months from its initial release. Still, with the rumored Gen 2 addition, things are picking up pretty fast and the game's popularity could be alive again before we know it.

The Gen 2 update will be one of the biggest things to happen for "Pokémon GO" as fans will finally get to expend their collection of captured pokémon. There's no solid proof of this happening this December, but on a business perspective, Niantic better take advantage of it.

As Forbes posted about the recent speculations, one good way to look at the chances of the Gen 2 pokémon arriving is by considering the time of the year. While not every country will experience winter, roughly 88 percent of the world will be experiencing chilly conditions, which might be not too beneficial with players of "Pokémon GO."

This is where the business part comes in since Niantic will potentially gain more income through in-app purchases. Simply put, due to the weather conditions, it may not be as advisable to roam around the streets, especially those who will be experiencing heavy snow.

PokéStops will be harder to pass by not in the sense that they will be removed. Specifically visiting most of them may not seem worth it given the weather and the chances of simply getting another one of those pokémon from Gen 1. It really isn't going to be worth it if it falls to that.

This gives way to incense purchases as it will allow pokémon to spawn on the same exact place that the players are hanging around, which would most like be their homes. With Gen 2 coming around, that's going to be a lot of incense.

Still, for the true fans of the game, there will always be ways on catching them all without spending too much, but always prioritize safety among all others. Stay tuned for more "Pokémon GO" news and updates.

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