'Pokemon GO' Guide: Gen 2 Hoothoot And Noctowl Info And Strategy

27 February 2017, 12:47 pm EST By JP Mobile & Apps

The "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 update introduced 80 more Pokemon for trainers to catch. One of the relatively common Gen 2 Pokemon is Hoothoot, a flying type Pokemon that evolves to Noctowl.

"Pokemon GO" players, more often than not, go after rare or strong Pokemon and only catch common Pokemon to complete their PokeDex. This is why common Pokemon like Hoothoot being taken for granted in the game.

According to the PokemonGODB, Hoothoot is ranked 213th in the game. This is rather low considering that there are reportedly about 231 Pokemon in the game.

Because of this low ranking, trainers often take the normal flying type for granted. However, just like other common Pokemon, catching all Hoothoot that appears in the wild is recommended just for the sake of collecting candies. These candies could then be used to evolve Hoothoot into Noctowl in "Pokemon GO."

"Pokemon GO" Noctowl is ranked 84th in the game. Its 200 stamina level gives the normal flying type Pokemon's stamina the 17th ranking in the game.

The Owl Pokemon's flying offensive type moves are effective against bug, fighting and grass type Pokemon. However, "Pokemon GO" Noctowl's offense is weak against electric, rock and steel type Pokemon.

Noctowl's defense is weak against electric, ice and rock attacks. It is, however, strong against bug, fighting, grass and ground Pokemon attacks.

To take advantage of Noctowl's 2040 max cp, it is highly recommended that the Pokemon is placed in the attacking team. Placing the "Pokemon GO" owl type Pokemon in the mid to bottom tier is also recommended.

According to rankedboost, Noctowl are often caught in residential areas, Universities, College Campuses and Parking lots. "Pokemon GO" normal type Pokemon have a high spawn rate in Universities.

Hoothoot and Noctowl are but two of the additional 80 Pokemon added in the "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 update. With the other Pokemon being region exclusive, it may take a while for any trainer to complete the goal of cathing 'em all.

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