'Pokemon GO' Gen 2: Best Attacks In The Current Meta [Guide]

4 March 2017, 11:10 am EST By JP Mobile & Apps

The recent "Pokemon GO" that released 80 new Pokemon in the game did not only expand the game's list of available pocket monsters but also introduced a number of changes in the AR mobile game. Included in the changes introduced by the recent "Pokemon GO" update is a revamp of the quick moves.

The "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 update that added 80 new pocket monsters in the hit augmented reality game, although long overdue, has been well received by players of the game. However, since a number of players are very busy catching them all, other additions to "Pokemon GO" went rather unnoticed.

One of the biggest changes in the game that were introduced by the "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 update was a major revamp on all the Pokemon's quick moves. The changes introduced in the quick moves revamp has a huge effect in the way Pokemon gyms are attacked and defended.

Most of the players of "Pokemon GO" prefer moves that are hard to dodge. This preference has made a number of players more concerned with the Pokemon's CP rating than looking into other raw stats and DPS.

Taking into consideration the current meta of "Pokemon GO" the top five moves that can take other Pokemon in just one shot are Stone Edge, Hyrdro Pump, Hurricane, Psychic and Play Rough.

Stone Edge, which is a move for rock types, is also one of the hardest moves to dodge in the "Pokemon GO" game. Taking into consideration animation window, Stone Edge along with Cross Chop and Brick Break is the top three moves that are hardest to dodge.

Both Cross Chop and Brick Break are attacks of fighting type Pokemon. Horn Attack and Cross Poison rounds up the top five hardest moves to dodge in "Pokemon GO." Horn Attack are for Normal Pokemon while Cross Poison is for Poison types.

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