'Dota 2': Monkey King New Information Leak, Monkey King Arcana

30 November 2016, 8:30 am EST By Gram Mobile & Apps

It is already known that Monkey King or rather Sun Wukong will be added to the hero roster by the end of fall 2016. Ever since it was revealed by Valve, fans of "Dota 2" had been making speculations on what the newest hero could offer.

The hero's abilities had also been expected to be based on 6.80 beta information from Dota 2 Gamepedia. And while many of these information can't help but stir the excitement of the fans, apparently there is another information leak that's supposed to get them more excited.

In a post by reddit user VeryGooDiS, upon doing some data mining of the recent update of the game, he/she stumbled upon what is believed to be particle attachments for the upcoming Dota 2 hero. Here's what VeryGooDiS said:

"Particle attachments got added in the patch that did the Treasure III update. I skipped over that chunk of changes because I just presumed that they were only the Treasure III related particles as it generally is. So missed documenting this."

And with that, here are the details of the information VeryGooDiS gathered:

Monkey King Arcana

  • The primary particle system seems to be something that attaches effects on to 4 places on the model. Both the eyes and both the hands. Quite likely trail effects that move along.

  • The Arcana seems to have a Crown cosmetic that has its own default particle system and two alternative styles: Water and Fire

  • There is a secondary particle systems of "water" and "fire" also attach to 4 points. Both eyes and hands and also a part on the body itself depending on where the center attachment point is. | Could be upgrades like PA had. So maybe we'll even get an event?

  • The death animation of the Monkey King arcana seems to have a custom particle effect. | Maybe he'll burst in to a thousand bananas

The question is, will this new hero be a factor for winning on the upcoming tournaments of "Dota 2?" Or perhaps players may already have a team with the new hero in mind? Stay tuned for more news on "Dota 2." 

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