Samsung Galaxy S3 Coming to US June 20?

28 May 2012, 12:31 pm EDT By Johnny Wills Mobile & Apps

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most-hyped Android smartphone made ever. Samsung showcased the device at a special event on May 3 in London and it is hitting UK stores on May 29. However, the U.S. release date is still unclear, but the recent reports give indication of June 20 release.

According to TmoNews, T-Mobile will release the Metallic Blue model of Samsung Galaxy S3 on June 20. 16GB and 32GB models of Galaxy S3 will be made available on the date. For those who want the Ceramic White model of Samsung Galaxy S3 will have to wait longer until July 11.

The unofficial T-Mobile blog also claims that the monstrous 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note is coming to T-Mobile on July 11 along with two Huawei myTouch smartphone releasing on the same date.

Citing sources within Best Buy, folks at MobileSyrup also reported the same release date for Samsung Galaxy S3 last week. The tech site reported that the device is hitting Canadian Stores on July 20, indicating that the Android super phone will release either a bit earlier or on the same date in U.S.

A leaked screenshot picture was also posted at MobileSyrup. However, the tech site was asked to remove the image, indicating that the leaked screenshot was correct. Moreover, the tech site claims that Galaxy S3 is coming to every major Canadian carrier including Bell, TELUS, Rogers and Virgin Mobile.

T-Mobile is going to release Samsung's new flagship model on June 20, if the reports are to be believed. However, we cannot predict whether T-Mobile will be the first U.S. carrier to release the device.

Meanwhile, if you want to grab the device even earlier, multiple Amazon retailers are offering the device starting at $800. The international GSM version of Samsung Galaxy S3 is hitting U.S. on June 1. In case you are not a fan of high speed LTE networks, 800 bucks for quad-core powered Galaxy S3 is a great deal as official U.S. version of Galaxy S3 will boast dual-core processor due to compatibility issues with LTE networks.

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