Mega Man Goes Mobile: All Six Classic NES-Era Mega Man Titles Made For Mobile Gaming; Ready To Launch By 2017

19 December 2016, 11:29 am EST By Staff Reporter Mobile & Apps

Next year promises to bring a massive blast from the past for many Capcom fans, as the Japanese game developer officially announced Mega Man's move to the mobile market. As of January 6, 2017, everyone's favourite Blue Bomber will be available for download on both iOS and Android.

Given that the Mega Man Legacy Collection release last 2015 was met with overwhelmingly positive praise, the developers are expecting a reception that is just as enthusiastic - if not more so - for the Mega Man mobile game series.

According to Geek, all six classic Mega Man NES-era games will have their mobile counterpart by next week. Each game will be sold separately and can be synced to the Rockman Unity app - and app that functions as a news-feed app for Rockman Unity. This allows players to unlock monthly exclusives and rewards after completing certain game missions.

Old hats and long-time players of the Mega Man franchise know how ridiculously challenging the games can get, bordering on brutally complex. Thankfully, each Mega Man mobile remake is said to be much easier to play, even featuring a helpful beginner-friendly mode and simplified gaming options - automatic fire, automatic charge, and fully adjustable game speeds for casual gaming or an all-out challenge.

Unfortunately, WWG confirms that the slated release is only available for Japan servers. While it's too early to definitively tell if the Mega Man mobile goodness will eventually have a U.S.A. release, it's worth noting that Capcom is still actively trying to boost its mobile game presence in the American market. Ergo, the possibility of Mega Man reaching U.S. servers is relatively high.

Mega Man for mobile is yet another win for the oldies-but-goldies - proof that people are more than happy to try out their childhood games in different formats. Just last week, Nintendo's Super Mario Run was released for iOS and Android download, and the hype has yet to die down. For now, fans wait with bated breath for Mega Man's explosive debut into the mobile market. 

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