'Mega Man' Mobile Game Receives Bad Reviews And Outrage From Fans; Here Is Why It Got Called 'Garbage'

7 January 2017, 9:32 pm EST By Jason Glenn Mobile & Apps

Capcom's announcement that the classic action game "Mega Man" from Nintendo Entertainment System  is coming to both iOS and Android devices made fans very excited to play the game on their mobile devices. However, after its release this month, some fans were disappointed on how the game turned out to be for the mobile ports which received heavy complaints and criticism.

Kotaku reports that all of six the "Mega Man" suffered from inconsistent and stuttering frame rates which is not very helpful for the game since it needs precision and timing and mostly because the players are still adjusting for the touchscreen controls.

In both Android and iOS in the "Mega Man 2", the frame rate of the game "chugged seriously" at every turn with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Meanwhile, on an iPad the game is played smoother. However, the music was slower and was played at a lower pitch than the original game. The report also stated that if players can download a third party emulator for Android and obtain a copy of the "Mega Man 2" then it would be played flawlessly.

"I never thought I would be so angry at a mobile phone port today until I saw the Mega Man ports. What the hell happened here @Capcommobile?" said a player on twitter named SunkythePootis.

"@CapcomMobile the frame rate on the first game is just appalling. Zero effort to port properly. Bad, bad job," another player from twitter named Ben sends out his frustration about the Mega Man mobile game.

Now word yet from the developer but if you're still interested in playing the "Mega Man" on mobile, each of the game will cost $1.99 and all are based on the exact remastered games that were available on the Legacy Collection that was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The players will come face to face with the villain Dr. Will which adds powers from the bosses are they are defeated.

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