HTC Unlikely To Release A New Flagship Smartphone In The US In 2017 According To Analyst

23 December 2016, 11:10 am EST By Cris Xander Juliano Mobile & Apps

Analysts say that HTC will not release a new flagship smartphone in the US next year as reported by phonearena. The reason behind this is the ongoing restructuring process of HTC where they have laid off the majority of its sales force.

According Cliff Maldonad of BaySearch Research, HTC does not have enough resources to launch a new flagship smartphone across all carriers the US. But that doesn't mean the company will shut down altogether.

HTC instead will adopt to be an Original Design Manufacturer or ODM. This means that they might develop a smartphone for other companies like Google, which they did for their latest flagship smartphone, the Google Pixel.

As reported by fiercewireless, HTC started as a company with an ODM business model where they manufactured a smartphone for a European wireless operator Orange in 2001; the smartphone was called the Orange SPV. Additionally, it was the first smartphone to run an operating system developed by Microsoft.

HTC has also manufactured a device for the US carrier Sprint called HTC Bolt. HTC started manufacturing their own smartphones in 2010. The company is reported to have an announcement in January 2017 which will make things more interesting for the consumers.

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