Amazon Echo Features, Updates and How to Set Up: Samsung's Robotic Vacuums Can Now Be Controlled Using Echo

29 December 2016, 5:15 am EST By Nens Mitchell Mobile & Apps

With the Amazon Echo getting sold out for Christmas, fans and users of the hands-free speaker are still eager to know the capabilities of this smart device. For its latest feature, Samsung revealed that its robotic vacuum can already be controlled by the Amazon Echo.

Samsung vacuums

The Powerbot VR7000, Samsung robotic vaccum, can be given commands with the use of the Amazon Echo. Samsung also noted that all their WiFi capable vacuums work well with Alexa's help.

With the aid of Amazon Echo, an owner can start the vacuum then ask it to stop. This new vacuum from Samsung features remote control commands, adjustable suction levels and a self-cleaning brush. The home-cleaning device is set to be unveiled to the public come January 3 and users cannot wait how the Amazon Echo will be helpful in doing household cleaning.

Smarter homes

Released to US customers last year, the Amazon Echo offered a wide range of functionalities in creating a smarter home. The small device helps owners do all sorts of things like order food, make their own cocktail drink or hail their ride using applications like Uber.

How to set up Amazon Echo

To set up one's Amazon Echo device, a user should simply turn the gadget on and connect it to your phone using the Alexa application. The Alexa app will be the ultimate guide in discovering a lot of things about the Amazon Echo.

Users of the Amazon Echo have already fallen in love with Alexa's presence in their lives saying the smart assistant improves and learns new things from its owner. She can make commands happen in an instant making tasks easier to do. What do you think is the beast feature of the Amazon Echo and what other features do you expect from the device?

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