Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality Cybergloves

29 December 2016, 11:20 am EST By Ralphy Bonn Sim Mobile & Apps

When we're talking about gloves, it seems like a simple cloth made to cover up your hands. Well not this one. The gloves called Controller of the Future is a semi-ordinary piece of clothing that can simultaneously record natural finger movement that produce physical reactions.

There are distinct versions of them, such as the famous Nintendo Power Glove and VR pioneer Tom Zimmerman's VPL Data Glove.

A similar glove called SensoGloves is commonly used as golf glove with built in sensors that constantly detect the pressure of the carrier's grip. It will direct any golfer the precise grip pressure for a consistent and smooth swing which supposedly allows for greater distance and better precision.

Gloves are all one-sized-fits and stretchy, the VR Cybergloves sometimes equipped with a lot of electronics; which means that development kits tend to cover large portion of the glove. For a bigger person with bigger hands, their movement tends to prevent the packet of fabric around its fingers, while an air gap slows the reaction.

Comfort isn't just the biggest issue for this specialized industrial tool, most companies counting ones that plans to sell consumer products into a mass market tends to be interested with the difficulties of making hardware for diverse cybergloves.

Cybergloves can take some guesswork to know your real finger position. Sadly, a computer is still needed to read whether those fingers are spread quite enough whenever you want to grab something in VR. A physics system has to ensure objects don't bounce off your fingers or stick to them like glue. Companies like Leap Motion have put a lot of study in designing its software.

Cybergloves will cover both of your hands which will apparently get oily and sweaty. Not mentioning the irritation of a fitted glove design and the annoyance of wearing and carrying a pair of gloves everywhere.

Cybergloves still have enough advantages, but it's something to be somewhat better if it's significantly less inconvenient.

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