Ralphy Bonn Sim

‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown Is Set To Star in ‘Godzilla: King of Monsters’

The child star Millie Bobby Brown from “Stranger Things” has recently accepted the offer for her first film role in “Godzilla: King of Monsters.”

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 29, 2017

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Spoiler & Update: Elena’s Disappearance; Caroline and Bonnie Ready to Help Damon

“The Vampire Diaries” latest episode entitle “The Intimacy of the Near Touch” is another trending topic as the series finale comes to an end.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 27, 2017

‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Spoilers & Update: Upcoming Run Coming This July Along With New Characters and New Revelations

It’s been six months since the sci-fi hit “Stranger Things” landed on our television and it is scheduled in July for its second installment, the season two.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 27, 2017

Asus Tinker Board Designed to Be More Powerful than Raspberry Pi

The Tinker's CPU is clearly faster than Raspberry Pi 3, it is capable of 4K30 output.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 25, 2017

‘Samurai Jack’ Finally Returns to Television This March After 12 Years

"Samurai Jack" will be aired on Cartoon Network this coming March 11 at 11:30 PM ET.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 24, 2017

Samsung Runs 8-point Battery Safety Check for All Future Releases After Note 7 Recall

Samsung recently run 8 Steps for battery safety check, it was applied to their new unrevealed phones.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 24, 2017

PC Gaming Hits All-Time Highest Total Market of $30 Billion

The PC gaming hardware acquired its all-time highest Total Market which reached up to $30 Billion.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 23, 2017

‘The Division’ Upcoming 1.6 Update Challenges Hardcore Players with New Legendary Difficulty Mode, Dark Zones & Battle Areas

The update will carry to balance the regular tweaks, revamping the name gear and adding a new leaderboards that are equipped with a whole new level of difficulty.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 23, 2017

US Big Ten Network Conference Will Broadcast a ‘League of Legends’ Tournament

The Big Ten Tournament was scheduled to begin this January 30, 2017, which collaborates with the conference and the developer, the Riot Games’ Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 22, 2017

Valve’s Steam Developers Are Making Improvements Regarding to Their Game Updates

Developers are now focused on how to expand, flourish, and formulating ideas to improve the Steam enable to meet the satisfaction of their player’s criticisms.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 22, 2017

“Nioh” Review: The Ups and Downs of the Upcoming Samurai-Based Game

The approaching samurai action game called “Nioh” has its huge comeback by the developer Team Ninja.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 22, 2017

‘Uncharted’ Movie Update: New Director Shawn Levy and Script Writer Joe Carnahan

The “Uncharted” movie has certainly made, with its new director Shawn Levy and the writer Joe Carnahan. Shawn Levy also directed “Real Steel,” “Night at the Museum,” and “Netflix’s Stranger Things.”

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 21, 2017

Nintendo Switch Review: What You Need To Know About The New Console

There are still more details that were going to figure out regarding to the upcoming Nintendo Switch console.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 21, 2017

Micro Machines Comeback! Coming Soon in PS4, Xbox One, And PC

“Micro Machines World Series” will launch this coming April, available for consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 21, 2017

Microsoft’s Latest Purchase Can Support 3D-Ready for Windows 10

“With Simplygon’s new acquisition, it can finally enable 3D for everyone,” said Microsoft.

Ralphy Bonn Sim January 21, 2017

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