New Survival Game 'Wrongworld' Needs Players Support To Be Greenlit In Steam For Further Development

2 January 2017, 8:27 pm EST By Switchy Sam Mobile & Apps

Players are fond of survival games that are released every now and then. Simple yet memorable survival games on Steam such as "Don't Starve" and "Unturned" captured the hearts of survival game fans because of the main mechanics and interface. A new survival game entitled "Wrongworld" needs players support. In order for the game to be developed, it needs a vote on Steam's Greenlight for it to begin development.

Sludj games asking the game to be Greenlit in Steam

Sludj games now asks players to vote for the game to be one of the Greenlight games in Steam for further development and enhancement. Based on the article from PCGamesN, "Sludj is the studio front for British developer Jamie Coles."

"Wrongworld" seems to reflect a teddy bear on a mysterious island filled with ferocious beasts such as snakehead critters and yeti-looking gigantic apes that smash and hurt the player. This is the reason why the game is likened to that of "Don't Starve" because it involves mainly in surviving and crafting things to improve the way of living. Players can also obtain food by killing other enemies in the field.

Future of survival games; a reflection of life in reality

"Wrongworld" will be one of the gates that will open new possibilities for adventure-survival games in the future. For the creators and developers of the game, this source will further enhance the future and upcoming survival genre games.

Future games like these may contain new features such as interaction and multiplayer just like other known games. This game from Sludj is another leap and view of survival with crafting, building, and fighting. The game can be viewed here via Steam and you can vote for it to be selected in Greenlight. Do not let the waiting get the best of everything, voting for this game will surely make the progress faster for release!

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