Twitter’s New Year Resolution To Work On Four Themes Based On Users’ Request, Including Abuse Prevention And

31 December 2016, 10:17 am EST By Cris Xander Juliano Mobile & Apps

According to a report by The Verge, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey asked his four million followers what they want to change or improve in Twitter. The response he got basically comes down to four themes; Abuse, edit, topics & interests and conversation.


This is the most urgent and difficult problem facing Twitter today, as the latter has a reputation of being a major trolling platform for unpleasant abusers. The lack of tools and policies are the reasons for the abuse, although enforcing these would be costly and time-consuming.


Many users are interested in this idea. But Twitter's value as a public record of events is very important, as such, a quick edit is the most practical solution. More than that might jeopardize Twitter's value and might be abused by users.

Topics & interest, conversation

These two themes might be a nice addition to Twitter, the only problem is, Twitter has a history of not being consistent to releasing new features. According to other reports, Twitter has not launched any significant new features for a long time and it will be doubtful that it would change in 2017.

These resolutions can be a daunting task for Twitter, but if Dorsey is able to materialize all of these themes, perhaps 2017 will be the year that Twitter turned things around. Twitter's functionality has to be organized for users that utilize this platform, and then maybe people will not pay much attention to its little and insignificant flaws.

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