Twitter Blocks Swearing Against Celebrities, Famous People; No Clear Policy Yet For Malicious Tweets Against Average Users

26 February 2017, 11:28 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

Twitter is setting a crackdown against those users who employ harsh words in their Tweets. Swearing is especially hot on Twitter as it enforces stricter rules against "potentially abusive activity."

One concrete example of how Twitter dealt with swearing, developer Victoria Fierce let loose foul words in her Tweet which lambasts Vice President Mike Pence. Fierce was all fired up over Trump administration's move to shy away from issues of transgender protection. But when Fierce Tweets "f*ck you," Twitter sent her a notification for abusive behavior and locked her visibility to followers for the next 12 hours.

Reports indicate that Twitter is employing an auto detect feature against vulgarity, swearing and profanity. Such strong enforcement is also making the users more responsible because they have to check retweets and links. Policing power is not limited to user instigated messages but source's handle as well.

According to Fierce, she did the alleged offense just once before the notification and temporary lock kicked in. She added during The Verge interview that it is not even the first time she told a famous person or elected official to f*ck off.

On Twitter's part, they said that the blockade against swearing and profanity just began rolling last week. It aims to diminish the effect and reach of Tweets by making them "follower exclusive" and can't be seen by anyone or the public for a limited time, Buzzfeed explained. Typically, the restriction will last for about 12 hours.

However, there is a thin line separating insulting Tweets on famous people as opposed to those made against regular users. While high-profile posts are being blocked, the penalty is less severe with average recipients because it is only the "victim" that can't see the Tweet while others can still read them.

Sadly, Twitter's content filter seems to be involving verified accounts and high-profile individuals for now. Average users will only suffer the penalty when there is apparent pattern of abusive behavior since the social media platform can't distinguish between types of accounts.

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