Most Secured Messaging, Video & Call Apps of 2017: Signal, Secure Chat, Telegram & Ceerus

24 February 2017, 10:13 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

Several mobile messaging apps are barging the scene to offer secured communication alternatives amidst privacy issues that plague the internet. Illicit surveillance and data breaches that happened over the past few months caused users to worry and look for alternative apps. Here are some of the lesser-known yet arguably the best secured messaging apps.

Signal is a great alternative that gives peace of mind to security-conscious users. It is more than an app but is technically a platform that holds encryption keys. Although overwhelming at first due to technical complexities, Signal is quite a punch when transmitting and receiving instant messages.

What will entice users is the new feature that allows encrypted video calls. Simply put, Signal has the same level of encryption in video calls to that of WhatsApp chat features.

Another app to consider is Secure Chat. While relatively new to the industry, Secure Chat uses Axolotl protocol which is known to be the same platform used by G Data. If users don't mind replacing their existing messaging and texting app, then Secure Chat is in for a rescue.

While Secure Chat is a solid app. Remember that it aims to replace native apps for messaging and calls altogether. The only downside is undisclosed security features that claims to be using German-based servers.

The third candidate is Telegram from another German-based developer. Telegram is known as a multi-platform messaging app that deploys MTProto protocol and 256-bit symmetric AES encryption. It also sports desktop computer support and access-anywhere features.

If mobile users prefer all-in-one app that is capable of voice, video and messaging, then Ceerus Mobile is the best there is. While Ceerus sounds like a startup, it actually dates back in 2010 when no less than the UK Ministry of Defense funded a research of University of Bristol for secured communications app.

If there is downside on Ceerus, it is the monthly cost of $15. However, its end-to-end encryption can fulfill as huge as government, enterprise and corporate level requirements.

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