Google Docs Hidden Feature: Compatibility Mode To Create Microsoft Office-Friendly Documents

22 February 2017, 11:25 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

Google Docs on mobile devices is hiding a significant feature that might change the way users view the compatibility features for the Microsoft Office format. A keen eye stumbled upon a feature to create a standard DOCX format through the app that Google disabled by default.

Computer World revealed a hidden option to create PC-friendly documents from Android's Google Docs. The feature may be of little effect to users who prefer the wider Google ecosystem of apps or those who are always online. However, there are users who are used to it and prefer to utilize the Microsoft Office functionality. These users are usually office workers, students or businessmen.

Google announced earlier that they are making Docs-related apps more compatible with Microsoft Office. The decision confirmed that Android is now stretching its reach towards other document processing clients on PC. Of course, it can be argued that users can create documents in Google's format and convert it to Microsoft later. However, writing in DOCX at the very first instance without the need for conversion is clearly a better option.

The feature is especially useful for people who don't want to take an extra step in changing their output into the universally-accepted Microsoft Office. Users just need to go to to their Google Docs Android setting and enable the Document Creation tab. The option is just below the Notification setting and could be very easy to miss. From then on, every document will be written under "Office Compatibility Mode."

Lastly, remember that Google Docs' Compatibility Mode is not as fully featured compared to the actual Word app. It is still not at par with the desktop version of the Microsoft Office, but it is still sufficient enough for daily Word compositions. At any rate, users will have the ability to edit documents which is helpful for those who switch between two platforms often.

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