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Banhammer On Sex Offenders From Facebook, Social Media: US Supreme Court Debates Its Impact On Freedom Of Speech

A Facebook post taunting a dismissed traffic ticket irked the US Supreme Court and made them sprang into action to consider banning sex offenders on social media platforms.

Regin Olimberio February 28, 2017

Microsoft Vulnerability Management: Here's How To Cut Windows PC Threats By 94%

Endpoint security firm Avecto proposes a weird way to avert vulnerabilities in Microsoft products - turn off administrator rights.

Regin Olimberio February 28, 2017

Sony's PlayStation VR Outsold HTC Vive & Oculus Rift With 915,000 Units; Will Increase Production Outside US By April

Tech giant Sony is happy as PlayStation VR has sold more units than HTC Vive & Oculus Rift despite skepticism when it first launched in October last year.

Regin Olimberio February 27, 2017

Twitter Blocks Swearing Against Celebrities, Famous People; No Clear Policy Yet For Malicious Tweets Against Average Users

Twitter is setting a crackdown against those users who employ harsh words in their Tweets.

Regin Olimberio February 26, 2017

Google Chrome Faces Sophisticated New Malware; Targets WordPress & Language Pack

Hackers are getting more and more sophisticated in gathering personal and sensitive information and Google is under attack.

Regin Olimberio February 26, 2017

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Coming in May? Bang For Bucks With Decent Specs

Chinese company Xiaomi is relentless in injecting budget smartphones with decent specs in the market.

Regin Olimberio February 24, 2017

Revamped iPhone SE & Refreshed iPad Pro Coming in March; How Can Samsung, Nokia & Top Brands Respond?

Apple fans anticipate that the Cupertino tech giant is ready to launch several new products as early as March.

Regin Olimberio February 24, 2017

Most Secured Messaging, Video & Call Apps of 2017: Signal, Secure Chat, Telegram & Ceerus

Several mobile messaging apps are barging the scene to offer secured communication alternatives amidst privacy issue that plagues the internet.

Regin Olimberio February 24, 2017

Revamped Nokia 3310 Is Not So Easy To Get, Stocks Are Allegedly Available Through Exclusive Deals Only

Fans of the iconic Nokia 3310 can begin the celebration as reports indicate that it is going to make its unheralded comeback as early as this weekend.

Regin Olimberio February 23, 2017

European Union Questions Wndows 10 Data Collecting Policy Anew; Microsoft Responds By Prepping Creators Update

A year has lapsed since privacy advocates from European Union wrote to Microsoft about Windows 10 gathering data from users but the watchdog is still unhappy about the tech giant's response.

Regin Olimberio February 23, 2017

LG G6 Top Features: Full-Metal Sealed Casing, SD821 Qualcomm Processor, Dual 13MP Rear Camera, Quad DAC Audio And More

With the success and positive reviews about LG G5 last year, all eyes are set in its successor LG G6 which is yet to unveil on Mobile World Congress 2017.

Regin Olimberio February 22, 2017

Huawei Teases Honor V9 Features; Top Specs, Launch Date & Pricing

Huawei wrapped up its Honor 8 Lite announcement but surprises are still coming as another flagship, Honor V9 will soon release on international market as well.

Regin Olimberio February 22, 2017

Google Docs Hidden Feature: Compatibility Mode To Create Microsoft Office-Friendly Documents

Google Docs on mobile devices is hiding a significant feature that might change the way users view the compatibility features for Microsoft Office format.

Regin Olimberio February 22, 2017

AT&T, Sprint,T-Mobile & Verizon Unlimited Data Plans Compared: Pricing, Number Of Lines & Data Throttling Roundup

The situation calls to make a rundown on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon so that customers can better analyze their existing plans.

Regin Olimberio February 21, 2017

Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Features Notifications Against Unsecured Websites So Users Can Decide, Apple Safari Kicks Out Sites Themselves

Web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer as much explicit advice and notifications to the users regarding security concerns.

Regin Olimberio February 21, 2017

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