Twitter Launches Video Platform To Rival Facebook; Sees Potential Revenue In Video Adverts After Increased Viewership

19 February 2017, 11:45 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

Twitter is taking on rivals Facebook and YouTube with its new platform to increase video offerings. While Vine closed and Periscope sets in, Twitter is testing a new platform called "top videos for you."

Twitter is carefully getting the users' pulse by providing a section where nice videos are placed strategically in the app. "Top videos for you" automatically plays when users hover over them. The current setup is playing video only and there is no sound.

According to Forbes, Twitter publishers are not happy with its revenue in Q4 so they are trying to scrub the app for renditions that might be of interest to the public. One such potential was seen in video content since there is an increase on viewership. Last month, some content providers breached 6 million views. This figure is significant compared to just 1 million views in mid-2016.

Publishers like Business Insider, Mashable and others quadrupled their views in recent months. This translates to better revenue for Twitter although still not at par with Facebook, DigitalMediaWire said. Reports indicate that Twitter plans to amplify the success of these early projects so it is increasing its focus on videos.

Facebook is currently offering a 55-45 percent sharing in its mid-roll video ads but still lacks a revenue model to fully engage the project. On the contrary, Twitter believes that they are more enticing for pre-roll ads because they already have a revenue generating model. The only problem that Twitter faces is limited user base compared to Facebook.

The biggest challenge that Twitter has to overcome in order to achieve better revenue from video content is attracting more content producers. "Top videos for you" is a nice way to draw viewership without necessarily being intrusive on user activity. The pre-positioned video works well when the user finds the content interesting. Otherwise, they will simply drag their cursors away to stop playing the video if they are of no value.

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