Apple iOS 10.3 Secret Keyboards For Upcoming iPad? Gesture-Based Similar To Google & Floating Keyboard

16 February 2017, 11:52 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

When Apple iOS 10.2.1 made the existing bugs worse and introduced new ones, a lot of pressure was handed over to its successor, iOS 10.3. Beta users are now slowly unraveling the secret features behind the new iPhone/iPad operating system.

iOS 10.3 hosts new features like Apple ID profile and Find My AirPods. There are significant upgrades like CarPlay, HomeKit and iCloud storage as well. But what really excites beta users are subtle features that are lesser known like enhanced Wi-Fi Calling features for Verizon customers, according to Forbes.

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith revealed that some secret features in iOS 10.3 are hiding in plain sight. For example, there is a code that deploys two new iPad keyboards. Troughton-Smith used a simulator to demo the first keyboard's gesture-based feature where users can swipe left or right on any key to enable backspace or space. The second is a handy floating keyboard that can be dragged in any position across any part of the screen.

These keyboards are available in iPads and it is not clear whether whether Apple is introducing them on iPhones. However, there is a high chance for gesture-based keyboard since rival Android already features it in Google Gboard. On the contrary, floating keyboard is impractical for tiny display of iPhones.

Meanwhile, Troughton-Smith revealed that these keyboards are in development for sometime now and there are indications that it is not yet in final form. Both were traced back in September last year when iOS 10.0 was launched. He suspects that Apple will properly introduce the feature next month to coincide with the purported launch of the next iPad.

iOS 10.3 might be a month away but users can already try them out by heading to Apple's beta program. Users can test the upcoming operating system but keyboards are still hidden and can be enabled only after tinkering with the Terminal. They can be accessed by developer code: UIKeyboardPreferencesController's -boolForPreferenceKey.

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